The Recent V

Ehh mari sini mari sini, update update oi.
It's been a loongg ti... tired of keep repeating the same word every post haha XD
Just in case ya'll wondering what Vicky has been up to recently, lost like a sand into the flowing air, silent like a sound mind in the dark, disappeared like a magician in just a *blink* and whatsoever things to describe my vickyless blog haha.

1) Got to meet up with Jucy and Crystal, my sistas. We're classmate since high school time which is around 9 years to now? o.o

Version 2011

Version 2008, don't ask why am I so black, well this explains my web address tho :D

2) Celebrated valentine's day at Swensen, The Mall. Nice offer!
I had chicken chop that time.

Lovely dessert for freee

3) Visited Empire Hotel, fyi, it's a 7 stars hotel in Brunei. I did not book any hotel room of course, having the chance to visit the night view of Empire hotel is so great!

Night View of outside of Empire Hotel.

4) Watch 3D for the FIRST TIME! Yeeeah, my first time indeed =.=
Neeway, it's so coolz! I was like, wou wou WOU~

5) Visited Tamuan park which I haven't been there like years? I used to jog at this park daily, well not now anymore, when people gets older, she'll get "HEAVILY busier", well this imply to me only by the way. :|

Me Joyce and YeeLin, we had fun!

Lotsa fun!! I miss swing swing :(

6) Treat family dinner for my brother's birthday at Korean Restaurant (Kimchi), we grill meat, drink chicken ginseng soup, pancakes and more :)

People always say I look older than my brother (he's 2 years older than me btw), which I can see it from here, I look so pale and weak here, like an old woman. XD

7) Started first semester class for 2011, I took 2 papers (ACCA) this time,
F4 and F9 that is.

And for ABC sake, exams are 2 months ++ away from now, what the?! Someone please slow the the time accelerator please T.T

8) Got a JOB! As an accountant of course ^.^, add more burden onto my shoulder, not only stress from work, but also to think of what to wear every morning of weekdays.

So far this is the only outfit I can call an office lady look? Others? I believe you don't want to imagine it, I'm bad at wearing a suitable cloth for the right occasion. Well not worst till like I wear pejamas to office, think positively as in.

And got my first salary! yay.

9) Got an Ipod nano, well this happened quite some time already, since my last examination on Dec 2010, it accompanied me the whole intensive-revision-month, love it :)

I even listen to it with a big speaker! It's not big, but comparing to earphone it's big ok.

10) Got a watch, I used to wear watch during the old times, ever since the last one was out of batt, I stop wearing watch, now with this watch, I need not to search my handphone all the way in my big hollow bag for half an hour and say "Oh it bla bla bla am/pm! :D *sweating"

Got hourly section and a stopwatch section :D

11) Watch magazine, seriously I don't know where do I get this new habit from :/ Mostly I download Japanese magazines, I know I know, I don't understand what the book's talking about, but I just love to look at those cute japanese girls with cool fashion outfit :)

12) Started a planning and budget on financial issue and studies and working and daily life.

Please don't ask why on the second month, but I will explain. I spend more on February because... Hey, why should I explain to you when u're not my parent? Oh I did say I will explain myself, but hey I don't want now. Nola, it's because I paid my school fee on the second month, that's why it increases that much.

My study report -.-

13) Bought some cosmetic and domestic stuffs.

To prove that Imma woman.

And a body lotion to prove that my skin is healthy. See that? The body lotion says that this body lotion is only for those who has healthy skin, like Vicky :D

14) Camwhore the recent V

Thanks for catching up with me :D I will run faster next time :)