7 Days of Book Crushing DAY 7

Day 7 ! Lucky 7~ Seven Eleven~
Eight afraid of Seven Because Seven Ate (Eight) Nine

I got stick to Lappy easily
So I moved her to upstairs
Making sure that I won't see her in my compound of study
If not, I will pretend like checking my mail, then later on, BLog and Chat
Neglecting my studies Ki...

Seven Makes me wanna Suicide too
Tomorrow is the Day
The day after Seven
Before Nine
The day after today is Tomorrow

The day before tomorrow is Today
The day after tomorrow is the Tomorrow's tomorrow's yesterday

Help me T.T I'm jammed~
From 8 am to 11 am
These period gonan be so suffering
Like giving birth to a 10kg Baby

Anyway, not gonna boast about it ^.^

Vicky had came so far
It's pointless and meaningless of my current thoughts

My dad bought me a phone called
I'm gonna renamed it as Phonie

Camwhore is facilitated!

Good luck to my tomorrow's EXAM ^.^