Current Status

Hi, Hello, Hey,

I am writing this post to update y'all of my current status, I'm still alive very first of all lol, or should I say my blog is still alive? Here below I will list down my current statuses in some areas:

Vicky's current status in education:
So I have been studying ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountant) for few years now, every year especially when I go back to my hometown, I will expect questions like "So have you finish your study?" "When are you going to graduate?" "Still studying ah?!". I hope they understand that studying ACCA is different from studying diploma/degree in college/universities. I have spent my strength through my inner bone to pass ACCA papers (for me, may not be the case for others lol) T.T Yes I've failed a few times in the midst when taking ACCA course, which I considered as normal? hahaha

So now I have finished the very last part of ACCA, took the last 4 papers during June 2013. LAST 4 it is! Do you know sometime by passing just 1 paper, it takes more than 1 year? Yeap, that's how tragic it is lolz. Back to the main point, if I were to pass these 4 papers in August 2013 when the result is released, I am officially graduating from ACCA yay.

Vicky's current status in career:
I've GOT A JOB! Thanks to my friend who introduced the job to me, she has been a very helpful friend. As a student (can I say fresh graduate? LOL) with insufficient experience some more not an ACCA member, YET, I'm quite satisfied with the salary offered. What I'm aiming now is to gain sufficient practical experience, my competency and to apply my knowledge and skills to my work under guidance. These are my main purposes for now, as for the income I will slowly moves my attention to it as soon as I think I'm capable of doing it hehe.

Actually I always wanted to be an auditor as a starter of my career path, despite the limitation imposed by the country employment law, it is quite difficult for me to apply for this job, too bad. But accountant (my new job) is fine with me too, I can switch to audit job in the future too what right?

Vicky's current status in health:
I'm healthy, well a little constipated (not ashamed to mention yeah), which is why I've been consuming fibre everyday. It was tasty at first, but over the time, I got more disgusted by the smell of it omg. Like other fibre drinks, the powder is green in colour, have to mix with water and drink it fast or else things gonna get worse trying to swallow it as it's gonna become more solid as time past.
Nevertheless, this fibre helps :)

Am also planning to go gym as I want exercise to be part of my routine life, I used to registered to one of the gym in Singapore and yeah I felt like I'm having a healthy lifestyle hehe. Now that I'm back to Brunei, I spent most of my time sitting on a couch, sad yeah I know. I like lifestyle like, after work go gym to sweat for an hour that kind you know, simply lovely I like it!

Vicky's current status in socialism:
Haven't meet up any of my old friends from the day I came back to Brunei like 2.5weeks ago, partly because I was having exams for 2 weeks time, and then busy finding jobs over the Internet, legitimate reasons teehee.

However I do spend time on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, some more with the new feature (video) that Instagram has recently, simply awesome! FYI I haven't update my Instagram but one of my friend has already taken a video of me talking about coffee bean and my jasmine green tea latte in his Instagram account lolz. As for Facebook, I update once in a while, I have no idea why but Facebook gives me a pressure that I must post nice nice thing, like some meaningful quote or wordings I really don't know why. Is it just me feeling that way? Which is the opposite of twitter, I tweet whatever I'm feeling, especially when in Singapore, I tweet all sort of things lol, life in Singapore aiya too happening wa. And I'm quite in a 'hibernating' mode, so my twitter account seems a bit dead now haha. But NO WORRIES! As I believe that life's gonna be reviving again once I start up my 'engine' hehe.

Vicky's current status in relationship:
I seldom talk about this on web as my other half, he doesn't like to be exposed too much lol. Gonna make this short and simple: Engaged, to be married.

Vicky's current status in what-to-do list:
My current aims are:
- to perform my very best in my job as well as in my professional development.
- to live a more healthy life.
- to be more focused on enhancing my perspective towards my future.

Yeap, that's it for 'current status' session lolz.

Just a short update, will be updating again (can't say soon, don't wanna be a word-more-than-action girl lolz). Till next time! :)