Friday Mid Term~

Here we go again~ TEST is coming! =.= And its Mid Term Exam for T2, the hard subject for me compared with T1... But the good thing is that I have go through them few weeks ago, and its few weeks ago I said, How I'm gonna remember them? STUDY AGAIN~ I realized that even though you have studied for the following chapters earlier than what teacher will teach, Still no use, the fact is you have to study them almost everyday!

Finally PEANUT BUTTER CREPE is available for now, I've been waiting for it like centuries, felt sorry for kept complaining about their unavailable stocks, SORRY~ KOKOBERRY^^" I'll be more careful next time, but I still love your CREPES, thanks for rent your shop at Delta Mall, so that I can eat crepe everytime I came to Delta Mall in the afternoon as My lunch! With you, i can be more concentrate on my studies, With you, I can be happy all the time!

Ohya, talking about happy, it reminds me of the chatbox back again, GUYS, please look at my chatbox, a girl or a boy named WEN, he or she said that the way I do my blog is not the way the blog actually look like, and I was boasting and show off about my life, WHERE???? I'm so upset about what he or she said, eventhough he or she maybe just fooling around me, but I still care about those words. But actually I need to know also that is the way I post my blogs Correct?? BLOG is talking about an individual life or diary right? Or share interesting things to others right? I did it, but where?? Where should I need to correct in order to become a good blogger?

GUSH~ Please do give me some comments on this, Write something meaningful to me~

Well, I misunderstood the "KEPO" one in the chatbox^^" He was trying to scold the WEN but instead I thought he was scolding me^^" How naive am I eh? Haha, I drank Carrot milk in a restaurant.. nice~ Got to go study now!



First day use Computer in School!

I'm now in school computer lab^^ We changed our password there and from today onward, I can access into internet everytime I want in school^^ Well, nothing special to say about that lo, haha

Anyway, this few days busy with my studies because mid term is coming soon, feeling quite stressed. Plus what I saw in the chatbox, comments from WEN, his/her comments hurt my heart tho. T.T I hope I can improve my blog lo, so don't blame me if my blog is not that attractive ok...?

If my blog really doesn't suit your interest, instead of boasting and hurting people's heart, you can leave my blog site and go see other MORE interesting blogs. But still, I will keep on improving^^ I'm still counted as a beginner, so don't expect too much from me...

Well, think I got to go now, STUDY TIME~