First day use Computer in School!

I'm now in school computer lab^^ We changed our password there and from today onward, I can access into internet everytime I want in school^^ Well, nothing special to say about that lo, haha

Anyway, this few days busy with my studies because mid term is coming soon, feeling quite stressed. Plus what I saw in the chatbox, comments from WEN, his/her comments hurt my heart tho. T.T I hope I can improve my blog lo, so don't blame me if my blog is not that attractive ok...?

If my blog really doesn't suit your interest, instead of boasting and hurting people's heart, you can leave my blog site and go see other MORE interesting blogs. But still, I will keep on improving^^ I'm still counted as a beginner, so don't expect too much from me...

Well, think I got to go now, STUDY TIME~

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