Warmness from the soul

My brother went to Japan for training programme for one month which is offered by his company, this is a very great opportunity to hold a chance of receiving training outside the country, who wouldn't want that? Japan has always been one of the place in my must-go-vacation list, I will go there one day, oh well, if I'm able to afford it of course X) 

Lovely teddy bear and bunny with cute button eyes. Sadly, right after I took this picture, when I was about to put them aside, the left side eye of the bunny (I judge from the long ear, clever not) got loosen and the button dropped off T.T One eyed bunny still cute tho, hey look it's the ARr ARr Captain Bunny!

Logicool wireless mouse, only people full of logic and coolness can has this. My brother actually bought this with a reason, I always unplug his mouse when I wanna use it, haha! Bad sister bad I am!

And now the most ultimate coolest cutest oh-my-gosh thing ever!
See this cute thing?! It looks like an olden time alcohol bottle used by the cowboys.

Obsession=love, love=obsession, you were my obsession, not sugoii enough? I look happy with this watch on :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Spongebob hugging flowers with butterfly flying around, what can be more beautiful than this? :') Someone find me the creator or designer or craft-worker of this yellow cutie, I need to give them a tight hug.

Golden sealed sticker across the cap, so high-class ok?

Hand watch from Japan! It's simple yet outstandingly colourful, my fancy mode is on! And just in case you thought of it, yes I took this picture at 12:47am.

Cool japan coffee spoon! I drink coffee, so I have the reason to have it alright haha! From now on, I can scream "Ichiban!!" whenever I drink coffee.

I will visit Japan one day, somewhere in the future... over the rainbow, beyond the sunlight....ultimate the ultraviolet ray...What am I saying actually.

Most magical pen ever in my life! This pen is not an ordinary pen I tail you all, it's an overdose extra-ordinary pen. With this pen, you can save all the worries of messing the answer sheet during exam, especially when you can't use liquid paper but crossing all the unwanted word or phrases and end up making the whole answer sheet looks like a kid's drawing paper, now your entire life is changed! You can erase the ink off just by rubber the little rubber at the back.

Here I've set an example, I give the worst case ever! To write your name wrongly in the name column in exam, who can be that careless, me.

Opss, I wrote my C on the other way round O.O" Whatever should I do hmm.. Oh wait!

I can erase this off easily just like a flip of hand :D Err hold on, flip of hand is quite hard for those who encounter wrist joint problem, so basically it's not easy.

Tada! The wrong-side C is gone forever and ever!

And this is my brand new corrected C. Interesting isn't it? Wait, I think there's only one lead, where on earth can I find this refill lead in Brunei? I-MUST-TREAT-IT-LIKE-A-LEGEND, and treat it like it's the emperor's chop and then keep it under my pillow, the one full of saliva.

Japanese household pant! I know it's just a pant, but come on, it's from Japan man (made in China), give me some "wooooooouuuu" should comfort me enough, better than the look "=.=" I know you're doing it now, that's my 7th sense working. It's not an ordinary pant I tail you all again, the cozy comfy sugoii kimochi pant has made my day, my night actually.
Sorry for my weird pose.
It's not too tight, not too loose, the material of the pant is just so warm and un-describably amazing, I think I shouldn't wear it in the house, it's too wasted, instead, I'll wear for shopping, imagine I'm wearing this pant with the colourful watch I mentioned earlier, and then a fancy thick cap with a thick wide frame glasses on, WHO'S TALKING NOW YO?o.O

Lovely jacket! The pattern on the cloth may look old to you, but no kidding, I'm loving it! Don't you know that the recent fashion trend is slowly turning back to the 90's or 80's century time? The bob hair la, the leather pant la and etc. I believe this jacket is part of the trend now, I believe... really hontonii believe.

Just ignore my EPIC fail so-ugly black legging, please focus on the top. It is best to be wore in an air-con room, you're not expecting me to wear this under the sun right? O.O This is Brunei, a country with only HOT and WET weather, no cold no cool no moderate cool neither :(
And now the super kawaii cardigan! It's not from my brother but Daphne :D

I love the beads on the the collar, aren't they uber cute? Been wondering how to wear this cardigan with a perfect match, here I came out with a solution.

With a skirt that is. The cardigan must be fully buttoned so to see the whole curve line of the colourful wool beads. Thanks to Daphne, now I have a yellowish cardigan! FYI, I have green, red, beige coloured cardigan in the wardrobe, now I can have a yellow one, let's form a traffic cardigan jam! Sorry for being so nonsense XD

Mickey black and white tee from my sister, who say I couldn't live on this?!

To be truthful, for all these years, I receive presents and gifts from my beloved family and friends, this warm feeling, this caring absorption, love overdose, I deserve no right to complain about my life. Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this, and I have this almost everyday? Satisfy and feeling contented of what I'm having now, even when it's a dull or sad or alone moments, things can be happened worse than what you're encountering now, believe it not, you wouldn't dare to imagine what's the worst.

Gosh why am I so emo all of the sudden, it must be the music I'm listening now, shoo shoo! Perhaps I shall listen some cute lovely song, hmmm... a song introduced by a friend of mine, 依然爱你- 王力宏.