DiGi iPhone 4 Life

Now that my future life will be decided by these 4 posts.
Post 1: Digi iPhone 4 Me
Post 2: Digi iPhone 4 Play
Post 3 : Digi iPhone 4 Real

Post 4 : Digi iPhone 4 Life

Well you guys must be wondered why all of the sudden Vicky blog about iPhone which I never mention in my blog before. Because I'm participating the

Digi iPhone 4 The Win

Every participators will have 4 tasks to complete, that is to blog about the 4 posts! For this post, Nuffnang asks to upload a picture of myself.

Choose one frame from the above 2 choices, either the horizontal or the vertical.
For me I chose the Horizontal frame! :D

With iPhone 4 in my life, many things will be changed.
Not only cost saving, but also a companion of my life too.
With iPhone 4 in my life, I scare no boring.
With iPhone 4 in my life,
I can see my beloved ones through video chat just like in reality!
With iPhone 4 in my life,
I can save lots of time normally spent in cinema, library, cyber cafe and etc.
With iPhone 4 in my life, I believe I can live in a better way.

With iPhone 4 in my life,
Nothing is Impossible.

Dear Nuffnang, I would like to thank you for organizing this amazing contest, making me realize that iPhone can be a very important instrument in one's life.
I love you forever and ever and ever ever...

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

I always mourn about how expensive phones are nowadays,
add in the monthly bill,
so end up still using my 19th century xx mobile phone.

Not willing to upgrade myself buy any new phones.

Till one morning when some catchy figures got my attention on the newspaper.

When I look at the RM58 figure, I was like ...


And I looked back to the newspaper again, the figure is still there! :D

RM58 per month!
I can save up to RM8,734,984,023.05 because of this incredible plan!
Ok maybe not that much
but still I can save lots of money because of this iDigi PostPaid Plans!

FREE Calls, SMS, MMS to local network?! This gotta be kidding me, there is no other networks (atm) that will be as generous as Digi! This can be recorded in the world Guinness book as "
World most generous Mobile Service Provider"

I think I need to do this one more time...

It's not a dream I tell you all! Digi has just made all of our dream come true!
I can access to facebook and twitter and farmville and blog on iPhone anytime anywhere with no doubts on cost incurred! I can chat with my darling some more, that's the greatest part! Can Skype with my family and that is even greater than the greatest!

One last thing, O% (Kosong) (Zero) (零蛋) instalment up to 36 months,
in other word 3 years!
If I use the iDigi Postpaid Plan now, I can enjoy the benefit of O% installment till I'm 23 years old! And I'm still young by then (not related =,=)!

Up to today, I have never seen such a big offer from any mobile service provider before. Digi has just made it possible! I used to think that the yellow digi man is very annoying. Now not anymore, in fact, I will follow you yellow digi man!! X)

Choosing Digi is always a smarter choice! :D

Still thinking that I'm sleep talking typing? Here's the..



DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Post 1: Digi iPhone 4 Me
Post 3: Digi iPhone 4 Real
Post 4: Digi iPhone 4 Life

The other day, I was playing with my 19th century XX phone happily,
the "snake" game.

Vicky :"Gosh I thought that's the head"
Vicky :"Gosh I thought that's the tail"

I can't even figure out which one is the head or the tail of the snake.

"Look here Vicky!"


Can you see this snake on the grass eating strawberries?

Can you see this snake in the universe eating stars?

Can you see this snake in the water eating fishes?

Aren't they so much better than your headless and tailless snake on a Grey surface eating unknown black dots?? :D

It's an iPhone game "Python"! Control the snake using the tilt sensor or using your fingers. Looks, feels and behaves like a real snake does. Collect enough points and go to the next level. Each level you will go faster and faster, but beware don’t run into walls, obstacles or even yourself!

I played "Python" iPhone game using my friend's iPhone a while ago, and found that it's so fun! Yay I won't have to worry of where is the head and the tail of the snake anymore! I will go like, "Oh my goodness, the head almost bump to the wall. Oh my, the head is reaching the tail!" Won't that be more fun?! :D I love the graphic so much!

I personally love spongebob squarepant from Nickelodeon very much! I love him so much that I imitate his's chuckling laughters lol! My friend installed spongebob games the other day, I went mad, REALLY MAD CrAZY! Especially the "Atlantis Treasures" game.

"Spin the 3D game board to match up falling jewels in the Treasure Room, explosive mines in the Weapons Room, molecules in the Science Room, paint blobs in the Art Room, and colorful bubbles in the Oldest Bubble Room. Earn points and amulets, but always stay on the lookout for special pieces - Color Blasts, Wild Cards, Row Blasts, and much more – they can help or challenge along the way. Keep matching skills honed and the treasures of Atlantis could be yours for the taking!"

Full explanation from the website.
I want iPhone partly because of Spongebob games lol, but yeah I'm serious. :|

I love the colorful scenes and the music behind it makes me feeling happy, I just can't stop smiling looking at Spongebob's expression aww :)


There's other version of this dining games, but my heart goes to Spongebob Version!

And I also played the Spongebob Patty game!

I can score full for this game I tell you! Just by tapping on the 3 columns once the patty matches the shape of it, iPhone is way too coolz!

Please create more games on spongebob,
I promise I will install all the games of it if I can win iPhone 4! :D

One last thing,

Who say facebook is the only place where we can play FarmVille? iPhone make it possible to play FarmVille 24/7, I can play while lying down, jumping, eating, sleeping, standing, anywhere at anytime! You can do less thing while sitting in front of the computer you know that? :P

Simply a finger tap and the item will be selected!
Way better than clicking the computer mouse isn't it? :D

And of course, there are more games that I haven't try out yet!

I want iPhone 4 for PLAY! X)