Thank GOD!! Finally I can on9 T.T Tears of happiness~ Ok, lets start from Why Vicky Don't Online This Few Days, HUH?!

Ok~ Ok~~ I were having my T1 T2 internal and external exam, I passed!^^ Haha, I got 80 for my T2 and 82 for T1, thanks for those who prayed for me^^ Well, even though there's no one, but at least I know God lent His hand upon me^^ Then the streamyx (like E-speed in Brunei), I've waited for the people to set the line for almost half a yearT.T But they say many businesses to do, so have to wait. Luckily they met the Patience little Girl VICKY, so they're so lucky!! ^^"
I can't online at home unless there is a streamyx, because I was bombed for the telephone bill by the one who pay for it, Wahaha~ =.=

AND!!! The most important thing for today's post is... ... Drumming!! Dong Dong Qiang!!! Dolong Dolong Qiang Qiang Ta! Vicky took part in International Malaysia College Badminton Match~ Wohoo~ Sounds like having Olympic Games Huh? Well, is me myself participate willingly, not chosen by others~.~ Haha~ The match will be held in Kuching at 16/08/08, then we'll go there at 15/08/08.

We're having holiday now, so almost everyday we train for badminton, just started not long ago. The day before yesterday I trained in the afternoon, then night time until 10pm, yesterday I trained morning 8.30am to 12pm, then 2pm to 4 pm, then later afternoon 2-4pm, NOW~ I'm having backache, arm strain, muscle pain for leg and hand wrist, a big flu, shoulder pain, sore throat and running nose, a very very watery running nose~ My GOODNESS!! Help meT.T But, not left much time to the Match, so I've to JIA YOU!!

Vicky OLD le, Remember how strong she is during the school life in Chung Hwa?? Now?? BuuUuUU~ Hai~~ No choice, as the age reaching older, people will get older and weaker too... So, People!! Don't be like Vicky ok?? Must exercise regularly, not like her, no exercise for months then suddenly one day VIGOROUS EXERCISE STRAIGHT FOR FEW DAYS!! Oki? Its totally What people who under 18 can't do.

Ohya, talking about 18, I'm reaching 18 soon^^ 29/11, Vicky will be a woman~ Wahaha, but cannot celebrate with my friends in Brunei lo. Hai~ Anyway, Got to go now, I'm in school now actually, since I can't online at home=.="

And And Ohya!! My CREPE!! YES~ Haha, to reward myself for the exams that I've passed, Victoria reward to Vicky a Peanut Butter Crepe, haha^^ (same people lar dude) Since no one reward me T.T tears of sad.. But Vicky is Vicky, nothing can bring her down one, buy urself a CREPE~ A Crepe~~ A CRepe~ crepe~~ Muahahaha~~ CREEPY CREPE HULK VICKY ALIVE AGAIN!!!