Missing Friends

Well, recently I missed my friends alot in Brunei, especially those who always hang out with me. See how lonely am I?? Even took a bear to be my partner of life already. Actually the bear was gifted by someone who used to be important to me but seemed like everything was a memory for now tho...

YEA, I know what you're thinking... WHAT's WITH THOSE FUNNY HAT?? AND YEA, I'm Telling You That We're The Funny Hat Gangster Dude~

*The Green hat with a Smug Smile is Chuan Ho, He likes to smile that way, a smug smile^^ That is his nature of BEAUTY~

*Next to Chuan Ho is Wayne who is the skinniest among us with a long neck. We usually call him Zhi Lian Kuang because he like to self photo^^ No offense for me. But he is a nice guy, he carried our things for us^^ Wayne the temporary Ah Ma... ^^ Kidding~

*Next to me is Yeet Yang, We used to call him Fishy (I think its his nickname). He closed his eye when the time the shoot is taken. But if outsider look at this picture, it was like he was thinking:"GUSH~ NICE, I like this Hat "

*Then now is ME, Neh~the ROUND FACED one.. YOU see it? Still Cannot?? Don't Try to comfort me, I'm the most rounded face among the Gang and you still can't see it? Well, I'm trying not to think about my face anymore, LET IT BE~ LET IT BE~ T.T

Next! Is my Cute Pal CRYSTAL!! Aren't She cute?? The Hat was previously worn by Chuan Ho~ Her Size is really Small eventhough she younger than me for just 4 months! Long time didn't see her already, so missed her T.T

But I saw her pictures recently at my x-class blog, wearing tudung because she studied in MD, Maktab Duli, government school. STILL CUTE!! Haha^^

I always laugh when I see this picture, haha! Especially when looking at Fishy's pose, it was like a chinese traditional dance with the finger posed like that. Coolz, even our 什么都不怕的Yii Sian (Pink shirt) also got SCARED!
Said:"My goodness! Don't get close to me dude~!"

Fishy replied:" Oh come on~ Just a minute of dance with me alright? Heh Heh~"

We took this picture at THE MALL in Brunei, the one with Long hair beside Panda is called Nyssa and beside her is Nicole, her sister who taught us Salsa Dance before. The one with spectacle beside Wayne the Ah Ma is Seng Wei, He now studying in Miri, Miss him Also..T.T


Oh yea, also share with you all about my picture in Hush Puppies where I work during weekends.

Haha, The Three HEADED PUPPIES! See the 3 dogs underneath our HEads? Thats the Hush Puppies I'm talking About all this Long!

Look at our face color, My one is chocolate, the middle one (Ah Yong) is apple, the other side (Lala) is Like Snow white~ Hai, pity me... PITY ME~
WELL WELL, start from tomorrow I have to go school at 7.30am now, because my sister has finished her exam on ACCA and continue her work. Eventhough my class starts at 10.15am, but I still can spend time in the library right? You Agree Or not?
OK, Got to go sleep now^^ Oh my goodness, Still feeling troublesome of what should I wear tomorrow, even I gorek my whole cupboard and tested them, at the end still will choose the same clothes that I often wear =.=