Vicky's First Prom in Sibu

Well, I really Don't know what to say about my hairstyle and my wearing that night
That is just not look like me

Me and Irene!

Me and Ai Qing

Ling Ling looks like Korean here

My hairstyle ^.^
Thanks to "Jolene Saloon"
The boss there very kind to me
And She understand what Vicky want
Recommended Saloon shop by the way

Tomolo Badminton and PROM!!!!

~Full Day~

This is the hairstyle that I wish to set tomorrow night ^^

Here Here, my prom nite dress

This afternoon, me and my colleague ate Crepe ^.^

And Bon Voyage to my lovely neighbour

She treated me foods ^^ at "Everwin food court"

My Don Fen

Nice Honey lemon Pineapple Juice from Tanahmas~

Off to bed now~ Muakz

Prom and Badminton

Oh my goodness!! I'm so so so Nervous now, What to do with the Badminton competition? What to do with the Prom Night? What to do????

Owh Err,
Ok now I have prepared a dress,
a pair of high heel shoe,
whats next?
Oh my!!!
I got a black knee cap and black arm elbow!!
How to get rid of them?
I don wish people to focus on my hand and leg =.="
That is so no right, not right at all...
Next would be my big elephant leg!!!
no choice,
who ask me like sport that much,
I can stand without sitting
(except when driving and sleeping)
for the whole day O.O
What else?
my unavoidable chubby face,
how to get a suitable hair style for it? T.T
I don't wanna tie up the same everyday pony tail -.- Change me hair a bit to something different?
What is the suggestion from you people?
I just don't know what else I can do T.T
everything are so messy in situation~

Next!! Badminton competition =.=
My leg tiniest toe back there got blister
We have to thank you to the new bought shoe =.=
I can't get used to the wearing yet ...
So hurt :(
I can't even break to catch up with front line ball
End up with "gulung gulung gulung" along the way
What else? Em~ My strength
Vicky got no strength to hit the back court ball
We have to thank you to the diet plan
Although I'm losing my desire weight
But on the other hand, I'm losing my energy and strength too
Sighed~ How to gain strength without eating?

Well well, lastly~

Both CRUSHES!!!!
Saturday afternoon badminton until 6pm
Saturday night 7pm Prom Night!!!
T.T Wuwuwu~~
How can Vicky get prepared so fast within 1 hour?
Help Vicky
How I wish that when I got home
One people prepared to give Vicky towel
And off to bath
Then when I finish
Someone is there for my dressing part,

While dressing, the other is helping to dress my hair
Gush, that would be like within 30 minutes man~

What would happen when I self do it?
Double up the time
That would be 1 HOUR
Which means that I would be late~
Late T.T
Guess why am I happy?
Cinderella also late for prom right?
Vicky also can late for it ^.^
Then will meet my white horse
Then dance a while
Then Vicky rushes back~
What am I talking about?
Oh my Oh my,
My brain is stopless now
I can't stop typing~
Nervous~ T.T

Hope that everything will be going
as smooth as possible :(
Wish me luck people,

Bon Voyage To My Lovely Cousin Andrew

God had lead you to choose the right path
Whenever U in difficulties
Don't even think of turning your head back
Kept on going forward
If God took something away from you
He is meant to give u something better
So be strong Andrew!

For the moment you're the most independent boy
I ever met for the moment
You decide everything for your own future
Ur blog had spoken out your inner heart
Yes, speak them out for it will make you feel better

Well, the only way we can keep in touch will be MSN and BLOG or perhaps SKYPE?
LOL, Skype only for "someone" la I know
Don't forget to update your blog
So that I can be updated with your current situation

Well, there are allot of us here supporting you Andrew!
Just whenever U feel weak and tired
Don't forget us supporting you here
Especially God
Gambateh neh~

Wait for your back!
Then we can play badminton together o^^
Will miss ya very much!

Best regards,
Vicky 堂姐

Coming Badminton Competition and Prom

Vicky New Colleague Fren Fren! Me, Chai Yiunn and PJ!
Yea, Only left us three at work this month This is So so so... Haha Aiya, its also not bad to have only 3 colleagues PJ! A young hardworking Girl! She had been working since secondary 2, she got the strength She got the will and power in her heart Thats why she can tahan till today Sorry :X (Not gonna expose her background)

And there this girl! Chai Yiunn She is erm Active and Funny but she got her limit too Don warm her up as Warm is the resources of chaos for her She hates heat

We got fun fun time! ^.^V

Gush! Coming badminton Competition on
27th and 28th of June (Saturday&Sunday)


Methodist Pilley Institution PromNite!
27th June Night!
I wonder what should Vicky wear ler?
Sexy sexy one or cute cute one ler?
Like Bare Back Dress?

Cannot la... My back many MomoChaCha

LowCup Dress?
Cannot la, I don't have hers one :(

Kawaii Dress?

Cannot la, Later people say me Act Cute...

I really don't know what I should wear that night,
Maybe I should wear Hush Puppies Cloth Instead? O.O"

Pilley Institute Promnite

Picture of the Day

I'm Waiting For You

Vicky Do Sushi

Few days back I can't sleep whole night
Wondering what else I can do
Thanks to Nescafe
It works on some people only
And Guess what?
I had been acting abnormal the whole day after consuming it
I wanna Sleep but my brain was so awake!
My eyes were like so big
Can't even shut them down
So Came out with....


Mayonnaise, Egg, CrabStick, Tuna, Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Hotdogs, The sushi wrapper
The Last yet most important ingredient is

Lol, no Vicky how to do the Sushi o?

Boil The Hotdogs and Crabsticks less than 3 minutes

While waiting
Add Vinegar, adequate amount of Salt and Sugar into a Cup

Beat two Eggs

Fry them, and cut into slices


Ingredients Prepared and READY to do the SUSHI Babeh~


Thanks to Unknown

Special thanks to Erm Forgot his name
From Kenny Sia's ChatBox ^.^

Vicky Eating during exam period! O.O

Wanna See What Vicky ate During Exam?

Ice City!!!!!! Non-Fat Ice Cream

Irene Dear ^.^

Ling Ling Dear

Vicky Mee Dear

We came together that day
Look how they are?

And look! How Handsome Vicky is?
Aiya, see u both so cute, I'll pay for the ice cream la^^

Couple Ice Cream Mo ^^V

Milk Ice Cream ^.^

Fish Tou Fu

Went to Leg Massage with 2 sisters

Don Fen Fish Ball Soup from "Noodle House"

My Buddy's "Toasted bread" With 3 Pieces of Butter,
SO cute la the Decoration

Lemonade from noodle House

Went to Eat Mo Mo Cha Cha at Delta cafe with Irene after out test

Went to eat mee Hoon Laksa

Went to eat "Five taste Soup" from Market

Went to eat Fish Ball Don Fen Soup

SU Made me a container of Sushi ^^V
Before she's leaving Hush Puppies :(

Look What Vicky got there?
Its the Coupons of KOKOBERRY!!
10 stamps can change one free drink with an orange coupon
And now I got 10 coupons!
Meaning that I drank 100 kokoberry drinks already =.="

Whoala, Vanilla Cookies ^.^~

Teh Tarik From Bandung

Don fen Fish ball Soup from Shabu Shabu

My buddy's Erm, what we call that?
Goreng mee?

3 packs of Sour Plums!!

Don fen soup from ALOHA

Roti Canai from ALOHA

Vicky enjoying Roti Canai o^^

Vicky just bought a Nike Bag from Lea Centre