Coming Badminton Competition and Prom

Vicky New Colleague Fren Fren! Me, Chai Yiunn and PJ!
Yea, Only left us three at work this month This is So so so... Haha Aiya, its also not bad to have only 3 colleagues PJ! A young hardworking Girl! She had been working since secondary 2, she got the strength She got the will and power in her heart Thats why she can tahan till today Sorry :X (Not gonna expose her background)

And there this girl! Chai Yiunn She is erm Active and Funny but she got her limit too Don warm her up as Warm is the resources of chaos for her She hates heat

We got fun fun time! ^.^V

Gush! Coming badminton Competition on
27th and 28th of June (Saturday&Sunday)


Methodist Pilley Institution PromNite!
27th June Night!
I wonder what should Vicky wear ler?
Sexy sexy one or cute cute one ler?
Like Bare Back Dress?

Cannot la... My back many MomoChaCha

LowCup Dress?
Cannot la, I don't have hers one :(

Kawaii Dress?

Cannot la, Later people say me Act Cute...

I really don't know what I should wear that night,
Maybe I should wear Hush Puppies Cloth Instead? O.O"

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