Bon Voyage To My Lovely Cousin Andrew

God had lead you to choose the right path
Whenever U in difficulties
Don't even think of turning your head back
Kept on going forward
If God took something away from you
He is meant to give u something better
So be strong Andrew!

For the moment you're the most independent boy
I ever met for the moment
You decide everything for your own future
Ur blog had spoken out your inner heart
Yes, speak them out for it will make you feel better

Well, the only way we can keep in touch will be MSN and BLOG or perhaps SKYPE?
LOL, Skype only for "someone" la I know
Don't forget to update your blog
So that I can be updated with your current situation

Well, there are allot of us here supporting you Andrew!
Just whenever U feel weak and tired
Don't forget us supporting you here
Especially God
Gambateh neh~

Wait for your back!
Then we can play badminton together o^^
Will miss ya very much!

Best regards,
Vicky 堂姐


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