Vicky is Unstoppable

I woke up it was around 6am
Decided to lay a while more
But something stopped me from continue to sleep
"If u have made the decision, Fulfil it"
I don't want mouth like very "Geng" wo
But at last Do nothing at all
To upgrade my standard of living
Vicky have to change the behavior of my life first
Then the attitude
Then My Life will change in proportional to them

Being told that I'm like kiddo
Being told that I'm stupid
Being told that I'm naive
Being told that I'm so easy to be cheated
Being told that I don't know anything

Thanks for all these tellings
Will push Vicky to a better way of thinking of myself
"Avoid being underestimated by others,
You have to change yourself"
Instead of changing other people's View,
why not change yourself?