Hush Puppies


BLACK AND WHITE are the Most common, best and Popular matches of Color,
as well as Pink and White

Black in white out, Black out white in

A call from Bintulu People yesterday, She mentioned that she wanna reserved 12 pieces of that Big Logo Hush Puppies!! See how amazingly the power of the Big logo Hush Puppies?


Talking about my exam today =.= Conclusion, what I want now is a PASS instead of how high the mark is... P word is enough for me :(

Tomorrow no work, YAY ^^V
So I can stay at home and be prepared for the day after tomorrow's TEST..
Money Money COME!


I have to be that way in order to understand this SUBJECT... Sorry
Sleep early for today^^

Nitez Everyone


I found this in my Brunei's friend's friendster profile album
千手观音 in Brunei 2006 I think

Already ugly still close my eye plus more~ Sighed