A Life of Vicky~


After the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympic 2008, Vicky also got her Mini Sibu Badminton Olympic result, Guess what?? I got silver for Girl's double and Bronze for Mixed double^^ Wohooo~ Ohya, something to share with u guys, its funny for me but don't know u all lo~

My sister: Vicky, 明天(星期日)有比赛羽球啊?

Me : 有噢,你要来看吗?

My sister: 没有啊,只是问问罢了……

Me : 哦

My sister: 打什么的?女双?

Me : 嗯,女双……我那个朋友很高的,我觉得我们很有默契,很适合做我女双搭档……

My sister: 哦,混双呢?

Me : 也有哦,我那个朋友比较小子可是很会跑,很适合做我混双搭档……

My sister: 哦,单双呢?

Me : 本来我以为有单双的,可是到最后他们说没有了……

My sister: ……

Me : 很可惜ho?

My sister: ……

Me : 做么?

My sister: …………

Me : 就是单双他们没有举办,对我来说是个很大的打击,你不觉得吗?

My sister: ……

Me : 做么?阿姐对单双有意见吗?说来听听……=.=" err~~单双……

So.... U guys got the FUNNY PART????

So the story ends here, SO FUNNY you know??? Haha~ Don't you think? Anyway, I know its kinda lame-.-Get back to serious staff~

I got my car back today after the day of small accident on the way to my school~ the repairment really shocked me 0.0 But thanks to Mr. insurance who helped us to pay part of it~ Vicky will be more careful next time, no more turning out to the main road while there were cars on the outer lane even though there's no car on the inner lane~ Vicky's first experience

I'm so extremely supremely extraordinarily hyperly missed my Brunei friends now T.T This is the photo I got from our class website few months ago, look!! How CUTE they are~

The one with peace pose is my best sister called Crystal

The one beside her is my best sister also called Hui Chian

The one showing her beloved food called Chai Eng

The one putting her hand on her chin is Jasmine

The uppermost left is Ten Fang

The uppermost right is Cheow Wei

All wearing tudung now, haha^^ Wanna see how they look like without tudung???

The one Nike pose is one of the three of my best sisters called Jucy

Opss, Where's Crystal without tudung??? Ok.... here^^

CUTE!!! Isn't it?? ^^

And oh ya, My x- Brunei school Principal, in school she is the people I most respected^^

Ok, The main character is the middle one, ignore the 2 sides~

Nah, kidding^^ These 2 are my classmates and they are top students ler O.O

Ow Ow and my neighbour in Brunei since we're kids until the day I left Brunei~ sad

His name is Boy boy... haha... He so gonna kill me when he found out that I exposed what his mom actually calls him every time....

Daniel his real nick^^

Vicky will be back soon! Wait for me o...

Well, got to go for some rest before the class started at 7.45 am later, haha^^ Its morning 1.37am now~