A day to Mall Again

Bringing My Flu Together, I went to Mall Again yesterday. The Almighty Ngok Ngok had Came Back... ...

Thanks for Treating!

Hui Zhen Came as Well

As Well as Heng Huat, Long time No see!

Sooner After that, Crystal came after her Part time

On the way, we saw Karen Jane Pin Jia and Eelynn
Everyone seemed to became a pretty Girls, Except me T.T

Crystal and I ate Crepe for the Dinner

And Comparing to Sibu, Sibu one is Bigger but lesser choices.

This is mall I'm talking about (to: Sibu Fren)

Then we Went to Movie (Yes Man!!!!! No Man!!!!!)

After The movie, We went to CheezboX

I drank Hot Yam Milk Tea there, Bigger portion than cold one, so worth it
Flu infection CamWhore me=.=

Jasmine bought her Lappy along too, while blogging about the "I'm Back"Post

Mak's Order

Saw SingYao too!!

We took picture after that, traditional Style =.=
Actually we asked the waitress to take the picture, yea, we saw the flash and came out with nothing in the Image File on my phone, as well as Singyao one.
So no Choice, we took ourselves.
A picture without me as I'm the camera Girl
A picture without SingYao as he's the camera Boy

The End Of the Day
~Missing 骏~