EARTH HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!


Earth Hour is when the whole world is DARK without any electric supple, no lights, no engine running, everything, I mean EVERYTHING!! That the human creates will be completely SHUT DOWN!

For how long??


8.30pm to 9.30pm


That would be tomorrow 28/3/2009 (Saturday)

This is so COOL^.^

They said that the Earth Hour activities had already started since 2007

I wonder why I didn't notice it last 2 years, wondering why the Brunei electric supply so weak... haha.... Guessed I'm wrong~ SORRY :(


Something need to be very aware of during this one hour


Well, darkness overtakes the world, the best moment for thieves and robbers and shoplifters and all other crimers who are active in the dark.

Remember to candle light ur house and on hand holding camera


Of course take pictures^.^

Once a year, so rare ler...

As for me who don't have a camera phone
I'll use my Lappy's webcam... Haha

Imagine I'll take it everywhere around my house taking pictures

With a Noob Noob face like Haven't seen this kind of situation before
Plus "wa...." here "wa...." there

Looks like <NOOB IN THE WELL>

No fans No Air cond....
People gonna suffer from desertization instead of earth suffer from Globalisation
Well, People! prepare everything before 8.30pm tomorrow!!

For me, I'm gonna make myself 8 cups of cold water
A piece of Fan
2 eyes to look at the clock
Ear to hear any suspicious sound
Man~ Its gonna be sooooooooo QUIET!!
Vicky hates quiet :(
So, What I'm gonna do is Playing Piano ^.^
The whole street gonna listen to the pianeer Vicky playing her favourite song

Marriage D'amour


Gonna video it down

If I have the Video camera

If really cannot
Use lappy to take the pictures then...


Anyway, having class later

Got to go^^