Vicky Eating during exam period! O.O

Wanna See What Vicky ate During Exam?

Ice City!!!!!! Non-Fat Ice Cream

Irene Dear ^.^

Ling Ling Dear

Vicky Mee Dear

We came together that day
Look how they are?

And look! How Handsome Vicky is?
Aiya, see u both so cute, I'll pay for the ice cream la^^

Couple Ice Cream Mo ^^V

Milk Ice Cream ^.^

Fish Tou Fu

Went to Leg Massage with 2 sisters

Don Fen Fish Ball Soup from "Noodle House"

My Buddy's "Toasted bread" With 3 Pieces of Butter,
SO cute la the Decoration

Lemonade from noodle House

Went to Eat Mo Mo Cha Cha at Delta cafe with Irene after out test

Went to eat mee Hoon Laksa

Went to eat "Five taste Soup" from Market

Went to eat Fish Ball Don Fen Soup

SU Made me a container of Sushi ^^V
Before she's leaving Hush Puppies :(

Look What Vicky got there?
Its the Coupons of KOKOBERRY!!
10 stamps can change one free drink with an orange coupon
And now I got 10 coupons!
Meaning that I drank 100 kokoberry drinks already =.="

Whoala, Vanilla Cookies ^.^~

Teh Tarik From Bandung

Don fen Fish ball Soup from Shabu Shabu

My buddy's Erm, what we call that?
Goreng mee?

3 packs of Sour Plums!!

Don fen soup from ALOHA

Roti Canai from ALOHA

Vicky enjoying Roti Canai o^^

Vicky just bought a Nike Bag from Lea Centre


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