Tired Day~

Oh my very extremely goodness!! I was totally tired this morning you know? Same as usual, I went to school straight to library, then when I sat down on my usual seat place, my eyes started to close le~ =.=~ I tried to freshened up myself, so I went to toilet. At there also my eye very heavy, feel like sleep on the floor, no matter where is it lo, even though if it is toilet also can, see how terrible am I eh?

So, I decided not to stay in that filled woth sleeping gas library, I went outside for a air refreshment. I sat outside the cafeteria, warm air blew across my sleepy face, MORE SLEEPY~ So, no choice, I stood outside my classroom corridor waiting for the the senior class end, at there, I slept on the corridor handle ZzZzZZz....

See how terrible am I?? Walk till where can sleep till where, Hai~ Cannot blame my computer also, is me the one who wanna stay till so late with my lappy~ Well, got to go now, BAck to WORK!!

Ohya, I'll upload some photo of me and my colleague soon!!

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Anonymous said...

waa...u so charm >.<
me this few day also same like this neh....me sleep in computer lab...mayb better bit la.. ^^" aiyo..gambateh o u..life is like this 1 la...>< take care arrrrrrr..

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