Vicky Badminton Match~

Remember last time when I said that I had a Badminton Match?? Finally got the pictures^^

AND found out some pictures interesting, we got similarities pictures! ^^

This is my mixed double partner, looks skinny but very active ==

This Guy really funny and... haha, just a word, FUNNY~

This is my schoolmate, good in badminton too~

Haha, not really know him, but that day, he's the only one who played the match half naked~

Haha, funny expression~

All of them looked bored ==, ok I know I know, Vicky not playing well enough~

This is my girls double partner, she is really serious on this match dude, good thing~! But look the girl down there, still play play =.= *no hope~

Oh my Goodness, This is the most standard men's smile I ever seen!!! And can promote to Colgate or 黑人牙膏 advertisement le.... So so so white*

Vicky mee^^ Actually my partner not that serious face always la, see how she smiled?? so adorable and cheerful~

My mixed double partner, the white clothe one~ we got third, better than nothing right???

Group taking~

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Anonymous said...

haloo!!! vicky vicky!!~me recently bit bit busy lo...haha...woo...u so rajin alots ohh...all wif photo 1....kakaka...
those photo so funny neh....haha...especially the 1 u and ur partner diff emotion de...haha...u so bad la..partner so serious u still at there play play..xD
but miss playing badminton wif vicky u slide here and there....wakkakaka...

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