Back to Alone

Different Place Different Feel

Just Back Home after a long day Bus Journey

What Should I say?
I have Arrived to another place, so another life
Before was just a place for relaxation
Back to reality now

Back to normal Life
Study, study and study

Why am I sound like boring, tired and sad?
I am not
I'm happy because I can back to school again^^
Starting a new life, no matter how bored is it
Its ur own choice to make it more exciting

Don't Forget that this is my Main aim of the Blog
To share with people the different life I can be in as compare to others

Oh ya
Sending my regards to Brunei Friends here
I'm OK!!!! Can u hear me there??
Love u gang!!
Don't forget that there is a Girl called Vicky in Sibu here :(
Scared that after a year
Huh? Who Vicky? We Don't Know her!

Haha, so funny la u people

Anyhow, anywhere, anywhen, anybody, anything

I wanna sleep



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