Cleaning day

Cleaning Day

Woke up early in the morning, Stood up and said to myself...

What?! I'm in Sibu?! The Next expression is (=.=)

Too miss my mama and papa and koko
Guessed my brother must be sleeping soundly now huh?

And me? Gonna scroll up my sleeve, tie up my bushy hair
And Clean up my room!
Kinda angry while thinking that someone was still sleeping when I'm cleaning sweatily and messily here, haha^^ Well, I'm not la actually.

On the Way of cleaning progress, I saw dead Cockroach!!

Anyway, I put on new bed sheet after finished the compound cleaning.

And its 6pm already =.=", What a DAY! Haha

Then I went to wash my car, I don't want it to be shame shame at the first day of school tomorrow. It had its own priority dude~ LOL

Something smell good down there, my grandma is using her very talented skill to cook for the dinner, suddenly I realized how lucky am I to taste her food, be satisfy of what u're having now.

Tonight I'm gonna sleep early, don't wish to take panda eye to school tomorrow, lol. Then I will start my PTwork again, I had missed out alot from the day I quit when my exam was coming soon that time.

Anyway, gonna fill up my tummy now, the smell kept on hooking my nose. O.O something reminds me @.@ Didn't I promise myself to cut down on the intake of food?? Huh?? Well, who cares? Tomorrow start la, Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow, there will be a tomorrow for tomorrow, so tomorrow la, we still got many tomorrow, so what for tomorrow now? Why not tomorrow later or tomorrow's tomorrow?? So, when tomorrow arrived I'm gonna say :"aiya, tomorrow baru keep fit la, there still got many tomorrow..."

But some advises here, we never know what will happen to us next second, don't even mention about tomorrow! Haha, precious every moment you have now and be feeling lucky that u're still breathing every next second... ...

Talkative eh me today =.=""


Bye bye and Miss you guys

Feeling so much better after meeting you^^


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