Just Got back home from Work, a very whoAla day I can say =.=
This semester I took 3 subjects plus the Pelajaraan Melaysia 4 subjects altogether
Of these 3 subjects
After getting all the introduction from lecturers
I love T10! (*T5,T9,T10)
Its talking about MONEY, haha
It doesn't mean that I really love money more than others
But since it got only 3 options
I'll choose this subject haha
Calculationssssss, ^^ I love that
It's better than the other 2 subjects =.=
Most of them WRITING

3rd semester for me, but new semester for new student
I talked to one new student today in canteen^^
She and her friend waiting for her order

Then I said to her :"Susu Chi Here is very nice man..."
Haha, then she said:"o....... ^^"'....

I'm really so lamo.... -.-
Anyway, just after the classes
I went to work
WHou wHOU!!
New arrivals!!
Love the clothes and dress and socks and undies....
New posters all around...
Sound like I never been there for quite awhile ei??
Yea, the answer is YEA...

Busy the Whole day long...
But I like it^^
Its better than nothing to do you know?
Got to go do my homework now
Better don't miss it...

colleague wear for the year, nicey~

Night and Hugzz


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