Started and Ends fast...

Another Day, Another Same thing happened, laughed out loud!!
Different thing about today is I got a pimple on my forehead again....
Too tired?
I didn't eat any fried foods
I didn't eat too sweet stuffs
I didn't get angry
I didn't Pinch any other pimples...
Why must there be a pimple on my forehead? WHY??
I'm so sad~

Today's class, Heh heh heh...
About money again~
Class seemed to be dismissed very fast today
Dunno why, maybe the class was too interesting^^
The teacher is so cool
I had learned something from her

Newspaper can be read, but not to be trusted at all...
Yea, why must we trust everything the newspaper wrote?
It may not be true...
Although it looks very true.... O.O

After that went to work
A lot people today
99 percent of them came for new year clothes
So people, don't miss it!!

Hush Puppies got New Arrivals and SALES!
First will get the FIRST Serve in a RIGHT time!

Haha, why suddenly promoting?? ==
And special man undies with red ang pao free
Haha, almost out of stock!! Don't miss it!
Who am I talking to? =.=
So least Sibu people read my blog

So wanna hope that one day my blog can be as popular as kenny sia's
He is so great in blogging
Can make people laugh and crawl on the floor
But me?
Just let people sit still on the chair without breathing or showing the teeth
Sighed.... -.-
Trying my best anyway
Support me People...

Off to Study



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