I called it a Day

Back From Work
Really busied out the whole day
Stayed in the Store for almost a day to tidy up the stock
Well, thanks alot to Nicole and Chai Yuiin
Without them, I might be in the store right now...

So excited about the coming Chinese New year
I bought 2 different ang pao from my college
Deciding to give them to Ang pao Collectors (My sisters)
Talking about Ang Pao
Never wanna say "Happy Chinese New Year" to Customer le
Because of in 10 customers, 10 of their response will be..

Me: 新年快乐!有空再来噢……
Customer: 你们店有红包吗?

Once they went out of the shop
Me: 第109个……=.=


Today on the way to toilet

I saw new stocks coming to Watson Shop
Then I started to get panic
I rushed to the shop
Then at there I saw....
I .....
I can't belive it!!!!!!!
Oh..... no...
I saw my facial foam Mandum... ....
I've been finding it from Brunei to Sibu, from Sibu to Brunei
There in Delta mall, I saw it
I was so happy to see it, then more over, got discount.. ...
Straight away, I gave myself to it...
Haha, no la
I bought it...

Anyway, It is a good brand to be advertised to you guys

Try it, it will leave ur face COOL!! REFRESH!! CUTE!!

Lalala, got test this Thursday (last day of school before new year) ==
Got to go sleep now
Have to wake up early
Go library study ^^

Bye Bye

=Missing Jun alotz=


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