Jia You Vicky


With Empty Fillings =.=

Lovely Donats From Big Apple In Kuching

Went to eat breakfast With my long haired Friend
She ate Kampua~

I ate Laksa MeeHoon

She still as Pretty as Ever~!! Miss her So much~
My off day today, wondering what should I do today? Gush~~ Coming external Exam on June, I still haven't prepare for it :( Wake Up Vicky~ WAKE UP~!!! What U come to Sibu for? What U promised Mom before in Brunei? What is your aim in the future??!! Stop fooling around and crapping here and there, there is no much time for you to spened ur time on study than the rest of the life~
So Stop and Go~!!
Jia You Jia You Vicky~

Anyway, My elder sister is coming down later^^ And Parent is coming back on Saturday~Wohooo~~ Happy Vicky ^.^ Since when is the last time we last met? :(
Sure they will say me Fat jor, more like moon jor~ Sighed =.=



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e l d y said...

Good Luck 4ur exam .. Blog ur result later ya .. haha

( X I A O F O N G ) said...

gambateh! my dear vicky^^

Anonymous said...

haha~ i no sibu people la, just currently happen to be in Sibu building towers for sibu people. yeah, i love cooking and eating but i wanna still slim forever :D hehe~~~

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