Coming Badminton Competition

Nervous, I had not really play badminton in real for 2 years and there will be a competition open for public under age of 30. There is possibility that I will compete with a 29 years old woman O.O"

Well, what I gonna do now is got my own pace of breath that I used to have before, BACK in action!
I went for badminton few days back and realized that I deceased a lot! T.T Failure me :( And all the techniques seemed to be messed up too~ My footsteps also tied up, I nearly fell down just now when I played badminton, Sighed~ Shame on me.. Where have all the techniques and skill and practices that 麦老师 (Badminton Couch) had taught me? I'm not deserve to be his student~ My power had decreased too, I can hardly hit the shuttle to the back court and smash a sharp angle ball~

My Old Plastic trophy I got in Brunei Last few years
Although its made up of plastic, it meant a lot to me
I played hard for it~

No hiding the truth,
Badminton is part of my life,
As well as blogging...
Some people may think that I such a so-much-free-time girl
But Not I'm telling you...
I'm feeling beaming whenever I play badminton
I'm feeling like myself whenever I blog
So please don't stop me
In other word?
Don't stop the path of my life
And its my Life

Of course,
I won't forget God family and Friends LOL~ ^^"

Well well, its 2am
Got to go Bed now
Force myself to sleep
Exams coming soon too O.O

Start to
Study hard
Play hard
(In term of badminton)

And In the end
Play hard again
(In term of holidays)



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e l d y said...

so jealous u la .. I ply hard in 2 year caused many red in exam.. then go competition sponsered school >> kicked 1st round ?!

No experience loh .. scare leh .. malu-malu when perform .. so regret ..


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