7 Days of Book Crushing DAY 4

Today was FREAKING Tired
New Arrivals for Hush Puppies
One arrival attracted me quite much
The Hush Puppies Logo is Gold!!!
And the other is Silver!!!
Yea, in other word
The Logo is actually shinning
Look like HIGH HIGH HIGH CLassic when u wear it
No cheating here
I reserved the Black cloth with Silver Logo on it..
Gonna show you all soon^^
And I am Actually standing for the WHOLE DAY man!!
And Guessed what?
Vicky is the strongest girl inside
So all the BOXES Vicky will handle them willingly
Moving all the boxes here and there
Like Superwoman~
I don't wish my colleagues to suffer those weights
And moreover, they're really skinny and slim =.=

And Neglected my books again,
No point to bring my books to Shop today, LOL...
And this is the result I got on behalf of standing the whole day long~

Mr Blister came too T.T

Tonight really tired
Tomorrow have to wake up early for servicing in the church
Ohya, forget to mention about my Vicky's Red eye cammy
They say the webcam does not support Vista Version =,=
So, they promised me to come over their workplace by monday and claim for other thing from the Cammy.
Meantime, they also installed one fun Webcam, That is ....
But its trial version, so not much features

Anyway, got to go sleep for tonight, no study
Yea, no study for tonight I said

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