7 Days of Book Crushing DAY 3

DAY 3!!!!!
Lol, My elder sister came to visit me today. LOL, the only thing that we can;t miss out whenever we meet is EAT!!!! Yea =.= Back to my weight again~ Sighed~ Anyway, I was happy to see her after a long time. I ate My beloved Sushi Tie's Inari Egg Mayo, MABUK ^.^~ Then She brought me to PC Fair! And as a Camwhore me, I have to buy myself an own use webcam instead of Lappy's one...

There I bought "My 10's" brand driverless USB webcam~
Cost RM45.00
Behold Everyone, meet my renamed "Vicky's Red Eye" Cammy~

But the Problem is.......

How do I use it on my lappy? Like that?

LOL, no la...
I plug the USB into my lappy, it says that my cammy is ready to be used BUT!!!!
I can't find the device in my lappy, Where can I find it???
WHERE?????? T.T
Not in program file, not in desktop, not in My Computer not in Everywhere~ I'm gonna go back to the PC fair tomorrow after class, see how they gonna explain for it....

BOOK BOOK BOOK, triple BOOK, BOOK cube, BOOK to the power of 3, BOOK square times BOOK equals to BOOK BOOK BOOK which is BOOK cube


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Jᶻ said...

there should be a disc? lol

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