My Noobie Hairstyle

Sorry for the voice, I got sore Throat
Sorry for looking tired in the Video
Days of being in unwell sleep condition

Sorry for the boring talk
My mind is temporarily Jammed

Still I love ya all^^


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Anonymous said...

this is kcin, i u didn't tell me i wouldn't know u have a haircut hahaha

nicola said...

Please comment on my hair- You did your hair?look the same to me =/

Seal said...

Looks more "brighter" with the shorter hair cut^^ doesn't looks noob at all...haha,still cute n sweet^^but Vicky really need to take care o...drink more water n more rest ya~god bless...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

aloha~~~ u noe who am i ~~hehe i nt famous in school so i thk u don noe who am i ~~ u re so kawaii i so like ur voice real so kawaii n ur english real so nice nt look like me so poor~~ can u teach me how improve my english ~~ 

hehe i am irene, angel d friend 
anyway wan start the school take k self~~

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