There's a shop called Popular where all kinds of books are gathered, there are so many many kinds of books you know? I could propably got lost in the place. The place are divided into many categories, like for magazine, stationaries, story books, primary, secondary, and many many more on other things like sports, foods, entertainment...

I got attracted to one book in the language catergories, which is called "Japanese For Everyone" , Gush~ I straight away sit down on the floor and look at the book, too bad it was wrapped in plasticT.T The next I know was stood queing up at the counter with that book, wahaha~ ^^

I bought this book a few months ago and have learnt a few words tho even though it was a long time ago, but due to the busy times I had, I can't really spend much time on reading them... Teach you guys a little^^:::::

How are you? Ogenki desu ka?
Fine, thank you. Hai, genki desu, domo arigato.
What about you? Anatawa do desu ka?
What is the matter (with you)? Do shimashita ka?
It is wrong. Chigaimasu.
Who is it? Dare desu?
Are you married? Anata wa kekon shimashita ka?
Yes, I'm married. Hai, kekon shimashita.
No, I'm single. Iie, dokushin desu.
Are you engaged? Konyaku shimashita ka?
This is my husband. Kochira wa watashi no shujin desu.
I'm sorry. Gomenasai.
It's hot today. Kyo wa atsui desu.
See you again, tommorow. Mata ashita!!


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Anonymous said...

swt..u like japanese language a...^^" swt..sit on the floor == whaha thx for the teaching..recently quite bzbzbz..><

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