Borneo Festival~

Yesterday was the opening ceremony of Borneo Festival held in Sibu, too bad that I can't attend to there because of work. Today is my school Prom Night, and again too bad I can't participate also because of work. But Guess What?? Vicky never blame the work, never at all because this is what she required by herself, not being forced to do so but by her own self.

My classmate who had attend to the Prom night text to me that no one inviting her to the dance, then I said maybe the boys themselves do not know how to dance actually! Then I asked about the food there, she said they are very delicious! T.T Hope I can be the Cinderella, suddenly popped out the fairy and turned me into a very beautiful dressed girl with Hush Puppies branded glass shoe. Then she will turn my colleagues to the pumpkin and the rider, turn hush puppies dogs into horses. The fairy told me must be back before the long needle strikes 12am sharp.... Gush~ Think too much T.T"

Today is quite a tired day for me tho, early in the morning woke up and prepare to go for the graduation ceremony of our senior, after that, straightly I went to work until 10pm. In between I ate CREPE KOSONG (as no more peanut butter). OHYA! Talking about crepe, it reminds me that yesterday I got EXTRA PEANUT BUTTER CREPE from Kokoberry^^ So so so happy, because they said that that would be the last peanut butter crepe, and that tomorrow peanut butter will be out of stock! How lucky am I eh? Thank God for being so nice to me^^

Well, tomorrow have to wake up early in the morning 6am which is earlier than today for church. Then after church, work~ Although tired for me, but that's what I really want and need, to train myself and strength of how to control my Life~ That's me ~ VICKY

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