I....I THINK..... I...REALLY..I'VE....

GUESS WHAT??? I've drove today~! And its my first time without my sister accompanied beside me^^ Well, not really that nervous, and the most important thing is not to be nervous!

Several ways I've tried to relax me down while driving::::

*Act Cool~ Heh Heh
*Listening to own favourite music and sing aloud with it along with many expressions, Even though the people next door thinks that You're talking to yourself~
*Drive smoothly without breaking here and there~
*Don't be panic when seeing a dog or cat running across the road in front of you, do not break suddenly~ all you have to do is don't break~

Well, those are the ways, but in Sibu rarely have pets running around the street because the pet controller had took action on these wild pets~ Not like in Brunei, Pets everywhere, including dead pets... Pity them T.T

Back to topic, from the day I drive to school, my sister can be more relax as she has to wake up early in the morning just to fetch me to school and rushes to her work. Now, she can apply her usual time back again!^^ Do pray for me guys, hope I can be as safely as it is as it can be~ I'm still a beginner~ Don't expect too much from me~

Oh ya, I have my crepe today again!! It was my working day today~ Actually it was out of stock this afternoon, so I drank yam pearl Milkshake instead. Guess my only food store will be Kokoberry forever~ then at night time, when I was gonna to have my second yam Pearl milkshake, the crepes were on!! How lucky am I eh? haha~ Guess tomorrow I'll have the next crepe, wahaha, OH MY GOODNESS~ HERE COMES THE CREEPY CREPE HULK!!

I've had my test today for T2^^ As smooth as it was, but not sure if it is really as smotth as what I think or not lo~ Thank God, But I do hope I can improve more~ Thats not enough for me tho^^" Expected more!! Well, got to go now~ Tired this few days T.T Busy here and there~ But FUN!!

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Anonymous said...

woo..cool...haha..can drive alone liao wor...at 1st is like tat 1 la...when xi guan liao wont d lo...^^" and arr...swt.. >>>>all you have to do is don't break~ <<< this sentence is for racer 1 a...haha..how can do break 1 -.- tired go relax like watch movie or wat lor sometime..haha..

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