Just a few days ago, I received a message from my friend that we have to pay for the journey to kuching (remembered?? For the match one a). Disappointment then aroused in me. Ok, lets talk on this!!

First, we represent our school right? According to rules and regulations, School is supposed to pay for the journey, not for us to pay a single cent. So, now seemed like it's school fault right? BUT!! One more situation to pull back the faulty, that is our school is non-profit school! Yea, that's right, not earning money from the student, but indeed was like spread Christianity. So, just this reason was enough to cover up all the problems. Well, guess I have to accept it. My team said that if we have to pay for the journey, they will not be going, which means that everything will be cancelled. The ONLY thing left for now is PRINCIPAL's APPROVAL. If she approve, we will go for the match sponsored, if she don't, we will cancel out the match. IT's ON HER HAND TO DECIDE 100% or 0%. WOU~

I got a turtle from my friend today^^ Got time will take it's picture, so shy now, keep hiding its head in the shell. My friend's house too many turtles le, can't manage to take care of them and now searching for people to feed them. Then I realized that me got no pet at home, so~ wahaha, I asked her if I can have one, she agreed^^ Plus a BIG GLASS CONTAINER with a few rocks. So lucky me, now I can have a accompany at home, ye~ Say till like so lonely-.-" The turtle so Xin Fu also ler, her size was like a small rock, yet her house was way too big~ And so she can move freely to everywhere she want, to the rocks, to the corner~ haha. What a Wonderful WORLD~

Just fixed on Streamyx few days ago, and found it useful^^ Fast and cheap compared to Espeed in BruneiT.T Can on for as many hours as you want, just to pay a fixed amount for every month, so don't miss it out! Streamyx, Every time at Everywhere, you are worth to have it! Helping streamyx to advertise, heh~^^

Well, got to go to look at the turtle now, looks like she is getting used to the environment le o... Start to move and put its head out. Wou, imagine my friend has to take care of 5 turtles, she's gonna boomed~ Thanks for her sponsor on everything^^


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