Sister's coming wedding day!

Sorry for the super duper late blog!
Vicky had been busy with sister's coming wedding

Me and my elder sister ^.^

This is me and my couzy
Guess what? She's 6 years younger than me
Yet, she's a head taller than me X.X

This is during rehearsal of my sister's wedding
And I'm the PowerPoint controller >.<

I know I know, you all will think :
"What?!" Vicky also can do powerpoint ka? O.O
Wei, I also got study computer de ler =.="
Haha! But beginner level only... ^^"

My Grandma!! My mom!!
They both look so cute like chubby Vicky ^^

Can't wait for the wedding day of my sister^.^"
So nervous la, as if itt's my wedding day =.="

How I wish that one day I can wear wedding gown too...
The most pretty of a woman once in a life

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