Miss Independent's Weak souL

The Fact that I'm the replacement after all isn't a FAKE
Now that I've done my job
The old one is fixed and I can be Forgone
Glad to see your happy face once again
I'm the Joker of the Crowd
Fact :)
I'm the Brainless of the Blindly Love
Truth :)

Accept it Vicky... For this is just a game of the life
People Step on my head, it's hurt yet I let it be
I'm a "seed" of this world where no one would find me
I'm a "helpless soul", understand understand UNDERSTAND
No one Will NEVER EVER understand my little weak soul

Yea, it's a soul that fun to play and torture with ...
Leaving no Symphathy
This is the fact of WORLD CRUELTY
For it would no longer be in use when this soul is abandoned

Leave this town as fast as possible Girl
My resistant is on maximum level
Explosion could be result in worst situation
This world in pressing hard on my shoulder
I'm depressed
I'm tired
Miss Independent, Please strengthen up

Please ...

Please ..........

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