HaiHou MIRI!

I went to Miri last weekend.
For some food.
And drink.
To meet my elder sister ^.^

I'm glad that some parts of Sarawak are not developed yet.
Green house EFFECT!

Passed by the Miri Bridge
Picture look like going to the sky o.O

We went for a afternoon tea at a Coffee Shop.
ROJAK! Heard that it's delicious ><>

This is Prawn Rojak I think.

Famous ABC, very nice because it is mixed with brown sugar syrup
The taste is kinda refreshing, and I finished it about 3 minutes ^^

This is the Miri Park
Quite new... about 2 or 3 years ago.

Upper View

Got swimming pool! Open to public :D
Everyone can use it
But I only see Kids :/

Man Made waterfall

I've interviewed a lady bird, she said that she moved to this place
for a while already, haven't find her senorita yet.

Man Made waterfall, really amazing O.O

Heard that yellow flesh kiwi only can be found in Sarawak.
Brunei don't have, much more sweet than the green one.

Breakfast at Miri Yakin!
Fishball Dong Fen for Vicky

Beef Mee Hoon

Fried Yam pork Dimsum, I love yam but I hate pork
So I choose not to touch it T.T

Me and elder sister ^^

Went to shop at .... Forgotten le T.T
Passed by San Francisco Coffee and attracted me.

The Chicken Pies :P

Waffles with butter

Main subject, coffee beans!!

I ordered the Vanilla Latte
Nice till.....

Mom's Hot steamed milk

Hmm... this is cappuccino?

Just random picture, nice vegetable colour :D
Greenish eh

Muakz <3 ..

Koko me and Ah Jia

Yeap and that's the farewell to my elder sister
Time past so fast :( Sad

On the way back to Brunei, we saw lots of
ARMY Soldier Tank!!! @.@

Rawr Rawr, behold the terrorist is coming!!

I don't understand why they put grass around
Camouflage effect 0%
I still can see them pointing the gun at us...

Holy cow, the big soldier vehicle drove by us.
We are innocent T.T

Back to Brunei!
Had breakfast with Joyce

Noob but cute look! LOL!

Fish Tank in a back O.O

Just like a super Mini Sea.

And guess what? BRUNEI FINALLY RAIN!

For weeks Brunei haven't rain already
We all hangus till can be black people in Africa.
Thank God for the Rain, and answering the prayer of us :D

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