Day out With Family!

My teeth broke!!!!! Arh T.T
Because I ate Fish Eyeball
Probably this few days I eat too many fish
And so the fish wanna punish me by break part of my teeth T.T

Well well.. this is the part of my teeth that got broke off.

Sad :( I wonder can be glued back or not? o.O

Somehow, thanks to Mr. Dentist :D
Temporarily saved by the fillings.

Night time went out with FAMILY!

To the place where....

Curry FISH Head

... is very famous ... =.=

Fish just kill my tooth, now I'm gonna eat fish head.
Grr... Angry Vicky.

Everyone meet my brother Eric.
He purposely face away from my camera.
Guess he think that side face more handsome? o.O

Mummy and Daddy :D
Daddy looks black because he always communicate with the sun.
I used to be black too because I was an athletic at school.

This is the Fish Revengor...

Chicken Ginseng soup
I love <3

The Fried Bean Curd

Muahahaha, this is the thing that I want to revenge to.
Curry Fish Head

I eat I eat I eat eat eat

I love this one too, look like tree.
The "leaves" very crunchy one.

Went to shop at The Mall.

Ice Cream!!! People who visit Brunei must try!
Different kind of fruits.

Camwhore with Brother.

He said to let us see his forehead
We are very lucky already
He don't simply show people his forehead one.

Neeway, had a great time with my Family.
Vicky love ^^

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