Random Stuff in Brunei XD

Yeap this is what Vicky had done on the first few days in Brunei

I went to my school yay!
Chung Hwa Middle School, BSB
My Mother School...
My heart kept on praying that no one will say
"Holy, is that Vicky? Man u look fat already."


Luckily no :)

That I was attending the "阿贤与你有约"
Promoting on M-plan Miki Prune!

I see him!!! Oh my oh my! XD
Haha, he's one really funny and talented man
He can describe a single normal unattractive food into
like the world one and only delicious thing!

Aunty Agnes brought me to one Cafe where
Rojak and ABC very famous one.

I love the Fried Yam! :D

This is Sotong Rojak.

This is the ABC I am talking about.
Nice :)

Got bigger portion one if you think that a glass is not enough for you.

Prawn Rojak! Wou this is nice
Seldom touch these in Sibu

Clifford and the family brought me to Escapade

Sushi!!!! XD
Too bad my camera out of battery T.T
More delicious food ler~

Me and Joyce
She's a Korean BIG FAN!!!! VERY BIG BIG FAN!!
Till can blow hundreds of people away at one time :X

LOL, this is the trolley found in Hua Ho Supermarket
For kids only!

Home made pizza from Colin! :D
Mouth watering!

No different from Pizza hut one o.o

One word, GENG! ^.^

I've start my study now
Whenever the "dream" pops out
I will push harder effort to it
MUST! Pass~

Hey I saw this news last week...
Old woman grows horn! O.O
This is a miracle~

白鲳, delicious till......

I began to drink wine this few days
No effect on me O.O
What happen to my vein?

Played snooker too... or Pool? =.=
Confusing la >.<>

See my hand? Got skill one la

Joyce also enjoy her play too!

Well, got play got work
Have to give myself no stress*
Have to give myself motivation*
Vicky must Jia You!

Yo Yo YO! ^o^

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