Tasting Brunei

I SEE A....



Now I see....



Flat Dough.

Flatter Dough!!!! Arh... please don't torture it T.T

Why so cruel??? Why wanna cut it into stripes???


And cook it lagi!! O.O

Well this is what we call.....
home made 版面!!

Accompanied by...

Fish balls

Lazi Vegetable soup!

Minced pork :X

And some Ikan Bilis

They all go into my tummy, what can I say? :/

Next thing I must strongly introduce u all in Brunei!
The DQ!!!!!! (Dairy Queen)

I won't fall off if u take it upside down :D
Interesting right?!

See!! Oreo Blizzard GENG!
Can find in The Mall.

Went to Airport Restaurant the other day.

The Entrance.

The Appetizers!

The Erm.. main food? o.O
Sorry, I'm not high class enough to know all the levels of eating a meak :S

The dining room :D

This is the steak area! Mostly lamb.

DESSERT area!!!! My favourite >.< Yay
All girl's favourite
I know they are harmful, but they are friendly
Eat to gain happiness weight!

This place is called Royal Brunei Catering :D

I taste the Mee Soto
Nice :D But at first I thought it is call
MeeHoon Soup? o.O

The Rojak. NICE!
Haha, I know I know I only know how to say nice
But every nice got different meaning one.
Figure it out yourself.

Red bean soup! Nice! LOL!! NICE!!!!!!!
I love the creamy part :D

Desserts!!! Out of control X.X

Ice creams are provided too.
Self decorating

This is my decoration, nice anot?

Special C! What we call in Sibu...
3 layers Milk tea

Mixed Fish fillets mee hoon soup!
I love it... T.T

Me and Joyce >.<>

The mini field of a school.

Bangunan dot dot dot...

Went to a bank....

...'s toilet.

I saw the signboard on the inner wall of the toilet.
Somehow I find it a little bit funny...

Tea sugar and coffee and EVERYTHING NICE! (powerpuff girls meh=.=)
Are provided to serve the cusotmer.

Nice facility :)

Personal computer is provided too
I wonder can play Dota and facebook anot? o.O

Flat Flat TV screen in order to entertain the customer
while Que-ing.

This is the Buddhist Temple nearby.
Although Brunei is a muslim country,
they still respect other religion too.
Like giving authority to others to build their own temple.

Me and Joyce cam whoring

Asian Asian! We are ASIAN! so PEACE ^^V

Park of Brunei...

This is the monkey

It is very CUTE!

And 24 hours sleeping cat.

Ok, this is the Hua Ho Supermarket.
Got many branches in Brunei o.o

Did the Dumplings!
With minced prawn :D

Haven't cook one, so cannot eat =.=

Went to Shopping with Joyce and the family

Haha! Cute stuff found during shopping ^.^
Bo peep Bo peep AW!!!

Huge Plier! O.O
Big but useless...

Huge ball!!!
Big but useless too, can see cannot play with.

Inside the Hua Ho department.
There is one special lift just for the Sport Centre!
Cool isn't it? :P

The other day...

Went to eat malay buffet!

Got ABC too >.<>
They got their own culture way to cook the dishes
So might taste different from the Chinese dishes.

On the way, I saw a motorcycler with a very
"Devilish" Hat wearing a very "Cautious" Bag.

Went to a friend's birthday party

3 sisters! cute cake!

Got cute puppies too ^^
But heard that the father is very ganas one.

Hey puppy, hope you won't be ganas in the future ok?

Played fireworks too!

This kid is over scare with the firework ady =.=
She like to play but not dare to play but want to play...
LOL ^^

Lastly will end up this post with this picture:

Cilli Sauce With Minced Old Mother

Anyone want?

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