Vicky at Brunei Escapade Sushi!

Before I start, gonna show ya'll 2 pictures :D

First I love Snow Ice :D

Melon Flavoured :D

Second I like

Honey Star! With Milk Milk

And Happy April Fool Day!
So this is how it works
You must be happy and fool to make this day working well! :D

Neeway, last few days I've been consuming
sushi too much that I can't stop myself from sharing with you all

The Pictures of course :X

The other day I went to the Excapade Sushi of Brunei

Green tea bag is provided

Hot Water machine is provided too :D
Can refill yourself


Inari Crabmeat!


Eel Fish HEAD!

Love this one, the fillings are crunchy

Topped by Sashimi ~.~

You won't know how much u've eaten until you
top the plates up O.O

Joyce loves eating sushi like Vicky do!

3 coloured milk tea :D
Ok I know this is nothing about Sushi
But it is very nice that I couldn't resist to
out of topic lol!

Fish Mee Hoon XD Sighed, I wonder when I suddenly
introduce some pork stuff, the world gonna turn terbalik.
Everytime I only introduce fish la, sushi la, mee hoon la =.=
Sien right? :/

This is clay pot mee.
It's not a clay pot actually, it's steel :d
We should name this Steel mee!

Was hanging around the street the other other day
And saw something...

I wonder if they spell the "passwort" wrongly :/

Joyce and my leg! Yay and wou.

we've been hanging out for so many days XD
And have a lot of fun! She get me addicted to korean songs O.O

Wou Wou, artistic picture taking

Ok, now back to the topic :D
Sushi TIME! ^.^

There are many branches of Excapade in Brunei

This is the different place which located in Gadong.

Went there with my brother Eric
Aww love him to max for that moment..


LOL! Kidding la
I love my brother everyday! XP

First of all Green Tea always comes first!

Second is the Red Ginger.
Very nice I love it!

Impossible for me to neglect wasabi
Very the ImmmpoooooCiBeel~~

Nice Set :) I love The "plate" too, donchu?

Rock and Roll Sushi!
Rock Rockin Rock Rockin X) Rock!

Unagi Fire Cheese Sushi!

Extralutely delicious!

Inari Soft Shell Crab :)

Inari Soft shell crab looks very simple?

Well no worry my friend, add wasabi paste on it!!

Now it's looking more pretty and handsome and wou!

Mini California Maki sushi!
Muahaha, now I can remember all the names XD
Because I kept the receipt :|
For blogging's sake.

Salmon Cheese Nabe :D
Oh my gosh, everything with cheese are so nais!

Salmon Asparagus
Love the Salmon Love the Asparagus
Love the everything!

Look too simple?
Same thing!

Add wasabi paste and it will look perfect till cannot be perfect anymore!

I topped everything with wasabi paste that... got empty very fast o.o"

Grill Salmon Head - Large Size Haha!

Ice Cream Tempura Vanilla!
I love the the shape SO BIG and Spherical!!
(~^.^~) <----- Chubby like my face Wonder what's inside this ball? . . .
It's ice cream!

ICE CREAM for sure it melt also what.

I think most of the Brunei people loves sushi like I do!
Like Malays, English people, Chinese
Very crowded like most of the time I come o.O

My brother and his

Open topic with green tea
Close topic with Green tea too!

My life nao is very happy
Because I got the chance to eat sushi T.T
This is the most happy fact about my life

Watashiwa Suki DESHU!!!!

Haha XD

No No, I don't eat pills, that's part of Vicky's rule :d
My brother got sick few days back, thank God he's well nao :)
See Vicky so healthy, must be a gift from God
So I can take care of those who's sick :)

Went to Gripps Cafe.
New Place to me.

Hot Yam Milk tea From Gripps
One Cold One Hot.
Vicky prefer the hot one.

Fish and Chips. Hmm
I remember the last time I eat fish and chip was
few months back in Sibu. I miss you :(

Found this wall poster in their toilet.

FISH!!!!!!! X.X I lovechu fish.

Tried on some photoshop thingy
Isn't that cool?! XD


Apple Crumble Cheese cake and Vanilla Ice Cream Scoop.

Apple Juice and Hot Taro Yam Milk tea XD
I love!

Salmon Burger
It's really hard to feel the flesh
Coz it's too thin to feel with.

Accompany by Chips and Salads

Lastly will be Peanut Butter Waffles!
Nice especially when they're still hot.


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