Vicky eat Thai Food At Brunei MOD's

Yea Yea, Vicky went to eat Thai Food!


Vicky want to KimKao (Eat) already!

Dinner Time :D

The outside view, very foreign designed.

The yellow dim light makes the environment warm and relax.
Feel sleepy when looking at it nao, so sleepy T.T

Iced Lime Tea, very refreshing drink!

Apple mint!! Yes, very mint mint taste XD

Prawn Fried Rice

Pineapple Fried Rice, but I don't see pineapple inside :/

Stir Fry Pakis With Belacan, so Nais!!!!!
In foo chow we call it "La Kiang Paku"
Haha xD

Thai Green tea
A very GREEN tea, my mom've spot checked with the waiter
She went to the bar tender and see if they got add any color preservatives or not.
Conclusion : 100% naturally from plant!

This is the sexy Thai Coffee Smoothie XD
Good body shaped!

Tan Hoon Salad, sour plus a bit hot
Got a bit peanuts in there, soft soft crunchy crunchy

Stir Fry Prawn with Chili Paste

Green Curry Chicken, I love the soup!

The most must-order meal Tom Yam Seafood Soup!!
Very hot but syiok! XD

The Love shape rice, Thailand Rice :D

Mango Fish with Cashew Nuts!
I love how they dress their dishes, like adding nuts!!!!
I love it so much :D

Pandan Chicken, the sauce sweet sweet de.

Brother and Mummy.

Me and Eric.
LOL! We're all hot food liker! XD

See the environment? Really nice right? :D


That's all for Thai Food post!

Clash of the Titans is out!

Wanawuch wanawuch wanawuch wanawuch
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