Random Morning♥ Afternoon♥ Night♥

Another Random day of Vicky's life.
Things are going too fast and furious
I can't even catch up with'em :|


Take a picture of own getting-chubbier face
Sighed speaking of Chubby,
I've begin to consume rice for the past few weeks.
Never in my life will think that something or
someone really gonna make me eat rice o.o
I always say :"I Oniee EEeet Sushi!!"

Who knows?
Sometimes people really cannot swear thing so early la >.<>


Study with Joyce!

Guess what?! I've found Vsoy in Brunei!!

This is one of the happiest thing in ma laif XD
I share it with Joyce and the family
They love it! Oh my I'm so happy T.T

We all Love Vsoy!

Some Iko Biscuit?

Afternoon normally I spend time to study....

Some cam whore if I got bored.


Hmm... normally night time I stop study already
Course if I continue to study...

I will...



Yeap, that's how my day going on normally :/

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