How Vicky Skill Her Sushi Up?!

If anyone who stay tune with my facebook, I remember I did tell them that
I'm gonna post up of how I skill up my sushi! :D

First and very common sense, Ingredient!

Went to the Sno-food with my brother Eric to buy the Sushi Ingredients.
I'm very happy because in Sibu it's really hard to find Sushi Ingredients.
In Brunei? Of course got XD

All hampalan Sushi things are all inside
Sotong, squid, Crab, lobster, eel, salmon and shell...
Many more!

Imported fresh food from Japan.

The untouched-eels O.O Pure Virgin!! So fresh!!

Beside from selling ingredients, they also sell ready-made Sushis.
Delicious :P

So Vicky bought the ready-cooked eel XD
Haha, got fresh one but I don't know how to cook it la.

Fresh Salmon Fillet!
Hey I know how to eat raw salmon, u know u know?

Then the Prawns!

Specially for Sushi making Mayonnaise,
the taste is far way more different from the mayonnaise
we normally see in supermarket.

Then the hot dog of course, cannot miss out.
Ayamas Brand for the win!! Yay.

Masago Orange! (Fish eggs)
Got other colours too, green one, pink one and black one!
Hmm, but I think orange makes food look more delicious
instead of the other colours :/

The crab sticks, any brand will do.

Vinegar, must buy the kind that specially use for Sushi Making one.
Not apple vinegar, white vinegar =.=

Sashimi Soy sauce of course haha...
You're not gonna use the chinese sweet soy sauce right? o.O

One of the main ingredient, Nori Sheets!

And of course, Sushi Rice!

Take out the Crab stick and hot dogs,
how many? Depend on how many serving u gonna make to...
As for me, I'm gonna do for my family, that is 4.
So I take extra 1, that is 5. =.= Sighed lazy to explain the theory.

Get started! Boil them! Rawr~

Boiling, bulup bulup bululup~

Yeap, as what the picture shows.
The chopped hot dogs are for making sotong XD
Where you fired them and the cut ends will bend out which makes
it look like sotong legs :D

My one minute helper, Eric.

The Rice is cooked! Don't know how to cook Sushi Rice?
Google and type "how to make sushi rice"?

Things inside the rice, Vinegar Salt and Sugar.
And everything nice!! LOL, powerpuff girl meh? =.=

Mix them up!

I woke up around 4 in the morning.
And I said that my brother is one minute helper because
he can't woke up to help me =.=
One minute to help me to finish the sushi haha XD
No la, got help got help :X

Ingredients prepared!

Fry 3 eggs! 4 serves why only 3 eggs?
Gah, lazy to explain the theory =.=""
Haha, because the egg is BIG!

The ready cooked eel, I put it in the refrigerator throughout the night,
no freeze!

Cutting skillz wei wou wou! XO
Don't how to cut?
Youtube! Type "How to Slice Sashimi".

Same goes to the Raw salmon.
Some people will eat it raw, some people will eat it cooked.
Vicky very flexible, I can go both way.
But because of healtiness and cleanliness,
for all goodies, I cooked it.
Just by puting it in oven for 5 minutes under 180 Degree celcius.

This is the masterpiece of work from Vicky

Ok, sorry but I have to say that I didn't take the pictures of
the process Vicky making sushi, course too rush! Haha
I spent around 3 hours to finish up everything.

And TADA, Vicky's Piece of work, paiseh ^^"


And look who's that?

My one minute helper...

Haha, I'm glad he thumb up :)
He better be thumb up! >:d

A little closer look at them?

Haha, all copy from Website, although cannot copy 100%
but I got the heart to do it lo. So please don't blame the poor taste ^^"

Look at the panda Eye T.T

But am Happy! ^.^ At least I did something for my loved ones
After all these 2 years plus in Sibu...

By the way I miss my Sibu fwen :/

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