Honey Star Advertisement!

It's a very beautiful morning today.
But the problem is...

I feel so dumb, so stupid, so baka, so unintelligible
So unknowledgeable, so笨蛋...

Suddenly I remember I bought honey star last night.

Extra Big pack!! XD

To eat honey star, we must have MILK!
Vicky prefer Pura Milk, it's a lot tastier than any other milk.
(Don't kill me for saying that, Magnolia supporter)

Muuuuu~ Pura milk for the win!! Wou~

A mini game is provided on the box of Honey Star, the maze!
It's look easy... let's give it a try :D

10 minutes later...



This is unacceptable! Horrible! I am so vegetable! T.T
I can't even start the route, coz I'm feeling stupid. :(

What ever should I do?? What ever should I do?!!!

Oh, then I realised that I haven't eat the honey star yet...

I opened the box and found something so shiny that it hurts my eye.

I opened the shiny packet and found golden stars.
With a hole in the middle.

In the very next second, I pour the Pura Milk into the Golden Bowl.
The Stars start to increase in level...

They look so Adorable and cute and tasty that....

I feel like eating them.
The taste is amazing, I feel like I was in the Universe with
Mr Honey Star Bear flying around in a Air suit...

Yummy yummy, nao nao let's see if it work or not...
The box said those who eat the cereal Honey Star will grow clever.

Hey by the way I still like Iko Biscuits and Vsoy,
I'm not *see new forget old* ok... *喜新厌旧*

Finished my honey star! :D
Let's get moving wou wou..
I'm feeling clever babeh, 1+1=2 haha!

Within 20 seconds....

I have...


Complete the....


The LEGENDARY no-one-can-solve MAZE!!!!

This is so touchy T.T

Happy to the MAX!

Am I Clever nao?


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Superman said...

This time is Honey Star and not Laksa ah? Hehe.

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