Vsoy Advertisement! :D

Nao Nao this is Vicky's Circle First Advertisement POST!

Very official One O.O

Vsoy! Means Vicky - SOY!

The taste is really different from other normal Vicky beans.
Very THICKY smell and HEAVY taste too!
And this is all so YUMMY!

Testimonials and comments:

Chai Yiiun once very hate Vicky beans
Until she taste "Vicky-Soy"
Her life change, her spirit grew, her soul uplifted
Vicky-soy have changed her life!

Testimonial 2:

Angela :" I'm very surprised that I am very white now!"
Yeap, that's the main point, she was once a very black girl,
She got no confident on herself, she tried everything to get her white,
spent so much money that she's almost bankrupt
Her pocket money left RM3.50
Then, someone introduce her the "Vicky-soy"
And Vicky-soy only cost for RM3.50!
Angela gave it the last try, and once she finished the
1 litre Vicky-soy, POOF!

She's WHITE!

Testimonial 3:

Victoria said :"Thanks for Vicky-soy sake! I'm no longer a lollipop! yay."
She was once a very very chubby girl! Chubby till like the
head is bigger than the width of her shoulder, she always got laughed by her friends,
because they think that she looks like a "Lollipop"

She is very sad until one day, Vicky herself introduced Victoria the
Vicky-soy! Victoria said :" I'm very chubby now, won't Vicky-soy makes me even
chubbier? :(" Vicky didn't replied and force her to drink 7 days a week.

7 days later! This is her!! Unbelievable, believe not? Believe it.

We are all Vicky-soy supporters!!

say yes Vicky-soy SAY YES!

No other Vicky bean can beat this

We drink while we folding clothes

We drink while we counting money

We drink while we day dreaming

We drink while we sleeping

We drink while we stretching

We love Vicky-soy!





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