Irene's Birthday!

Yeap, this post is specially dedicated to my beloved friend


Pressie for her

And a Big Flying kiss for ya!



Then we went to Tanahmas Hotel restaurant!

I asked her to chose 2 pieces of cakes
Because one cake represent 10 years old
2 cakes mean? :D
You all so clever la!
It's 20!

Choosing... Hmmm~

She's happy for it, I'm glad too ^^

2 cakes!

The oreo Cheese cake!

The wat cheese! Forgotten the name :/

Ni knife to cut the cake
So use fork instead ^^

Then we ordered Fish and Chips! XD

Went to shopping after that...
And one thing caught my attention from the Sibu Optic Shop
Which is below picture:


The wooden frame glasses!
*It's actually a plastic :X

Seriously, I like it o.O

Camwhore of course!

Love it to max!!!!!!!!!
Coz I don't look like me when I wear it ^.^

Happy Birthday to you Rene Rene
Sorry for the very late post! ^^"

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