Hush Puppies and my lonely Chap Goh Meh

Ok I know that the topic is very old old le
No one cares about my chap goh meh nao
But still sharing is caring what ^^"

Brought CY to Full House Restaurant the other day

Full house recommended drink :P

Big appetite wou!
Cy that day was very hungry

Indo Mee Goreng

My Indo Mee Soup.

Me and CY

Me and Alice

Me and Sar

Haha, Memories what??
Take more pictures lo

Me and Angela! :D

Me and the always-shy-shy Celine

Yvonne showed me her proudly home-made
Chicken Rice :D

Brought Angela to "Enjoy Cafe" Again!
Sighed, seems like I only go these few places only =.=
Me very idea-less one

Same old order

Milo Shake!

Angela intro-ed me a place
Pearl Milk Tea!

First time eat Cooked Mee Hoon at shop
XD Nice till fainted!

I treated hush puppies Kokoberry :D

Yvonne said "Mmmm, I'm lovin it!"

CY tried to hide from me
But excuse me, there is no one who can escape from my CAMERA!

Inculding if you try to act as a cow...

Hey I can tie up my hair already!
But now I cut back to short length
Now I decided to grow it long long long!
Since "someone" recommended it :)

Now come to my Lonely Chap Goh Meh
Yeah, a very lonely Chap Goh Meh

I bought a korean Snack noodle and
a can of mushroom cream soup.

Went home...





Hav to add a glass of water actually
But I prefer Very creamy typed
So I add half a glass oniee

Boiling, ITS BOILING! ^^

Done, my chap goh meh meal.

Korean Noodle Soup

Q Q plus spicy

The mushroom soup I cooked

The chef

It's kinda hot this few days
Including Brunei, drink more water people!

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