Farewell meals

Before I left to Brunei

Had a few farewell meals with my friends!
See, farewell also got things to eat de ler >.<"

First with Irene and Chai Yiiun

Err Yea, we were shy ^^" LOL!

The 3 color milk tea :D

Lemon Juice!

The Rebina sprite Aloe Vera!!

Pork porridfge, looks nice
But I ain't gonna eat it too >.<>

Same old taste, laksa

We actually had a great time that day

Cy's and Irene's asian peace pose =.=

Next I went to Enjoy Cafe

Same old taste too, Special ABC! :D

Cy act cool mo XD

White Lover!

Beloved Fish fillets!
The waiters laughed at us :(
Don't know why T.T
Is it funny to look at 3 girls eating fish fillets huh?! :d

Asian peace to Bear!! WOOTS

Sorry CY, your face always appear half half de la ^^

=Night Time=

Went to "Red Carrot" Restaurant

Zhu Ling and Me

Sotong and Male Kong

Amber Ching! She's white like a white paper o.o

Zhu ling's hair long like like....


Spring rolls, no meat one :P

Fish Fillets!!! Again~ Yay.

Flat noodles, Kuew Teow

Fired Rice

They love Rice very much

Everyone was paiseh to finish up the last one =.=

Hey look it's the 2 whities

Really white like white paper T.T

Nom Nom Nom!! I'm the White Carnivor! RAWR

Will miss you guys :')

Thanks for the meals!

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