Chinese New Year 2010 **

I've spent few days uploading my new year photos
And this cost me heavier eye bags, darker circles,
more wrinkles, drier skin texture, crazier too T.T

Because there are too many photos, I'll go through them roughly

Few days before Chinese New Year
I was preparing for Chai Yiiun's wedding
I'm gonna sing for her on the stage!

The song title is 屋顶
I asked Kew Kew to write the lyrics down

Haha! Vicky singing on the stage wei~

Some random day, same thing happened

Had breakfast with Alicia and Rene Rene

Yeah, for those who got the updates from my facebook
I stopped my study, as I failed one of my subject
"Managing people and system"
Must pass this subject to continue my sitting for other papers
So I'm going back to Brunei for self study
Hush Puppies? Also stopped :(
For 5 months I will be staying there

Random picture, nice wedding car! :D

This is farewell snack for Hui Bing

Wonder how is she now in Kuching :/

Few days before 14/2/2010
Delta mall already got the mood

Went to Sushi Tie with Irene, our beloved place!

The more concentrated one is mine
Haha, fans of WASABI!

30% off on all red dishes!

Lol! I put wasabi paste onto the sushi

Nom Nom Nom!

Nola, I'm not coughing or what ok
Just that my eating appearance very ugly
(Ok, I'm coughing)

Had a great time tho :)

Nao Nao, here comes Chai Yiiun's wedding day

Esther and I, singers of the day

Somehow, she look more like a celebrities than me
Coz I don't make up and all :( Fail me.

A wedding gift from Hush Puppies!
Hope you like it Chai Yiiun :)

Me and Hie Ing, Ex colleague ^^

See that?! Chai Yiiun that day was so pretty
Till I can hardly believe it
Every 新娘 on the wedding day...
What I can believe is..
They are the most beautiful thing in the world

Ok, back to reality.

Chai Yiiun's younger sister
Seems like someone want to own that Hush Puppies soft toy ei? o.O

How sweet of them :) Aww~

Wou Wou, this wedding gown is so wou~
I love it!

She is really pretty that night,
suddenly feel like wanna be the 新郎

... ==

Me and Hou Ling

Me and Amy, she's cute with the fringe!

Last dish my favourite! Yam Paste >.<>

Haha, Nah I didn't record our singing
Paiseh La ^^"

Laksa from 101 Restaurant

My parent and my brother came back soon after that

Went to dye my hair
This time I learn from mistake

Light brown :)

This is my brother ^^, many said that we look alike :/
He got apple I don't have ler~

I bought a plant
Something like cactus, but it's not a cactus
But it can hold moisture like cactus
But still it's not a cactus ==

Thinking of putting it in my dull looking room
The owner said that it can absorb ultra violet from the monitor
Reduce harmful effect on you :)

Some other plants there

This one is special

Love this one, but they said have to really take care of it
But for me this kinda busy woman, I choose not to buy it
For it's own good

I put it into a new bought mug :)

Love ya! Will bring you to Brunei too, don't worry
I won't leave you alone :)


New Year Eve!
I woke up early in the morning
Because mummy thinks that fresh vegetables
will be out of stock, so she want to go buy early
like.... 5am? T.T

When we arrived to the market

I've just realized that ...

Everyone thinks the same way =.=""

See that? So many people till...

Yay, I just got out of the "war" into the safety zone
My car.

Daddy and Mummy were hungry
So they went to Chop Hing Huong

The tauke there very old already
Very experienced one :)

They use the olden day machine

原汁原味 man~

Mummy got attracted by the pleasent smell of
nearby muffin shop

So she bought one bag to try

Mummy likes Kompia too!
Sibu very famous kompia one
But too bad I don't like it
It's minced pork fillings :(

Tada! This is it!
Sibu famous 巅边糊
"Dian Bian Hu"

The fishball also home made one
Very fresh ~o~

Mummy like it!

So do daddy too! :D

Went to Grandma's house after that

Daddy's tearing off the calendar
because grandma'd not been updating them
She said:

"Mang Ke Zho Nien Lou a?!"
(So fast CNY already?!)

Arh, thos swing swing, I remember when I was a kid
My leg got stucked by it, horrible childhood memoriesO.O

Mummy was very happy that time
Doesn't they look alike?
Like mother like daughter Aww~ :)

At home, mummy and daddy start to prepare for the dinner!

Tada! I always tell them that they can open a restaurant already

Andrew, Albert and my brother

They were preparing for the firework

Andrew the hanger.

Other neighbours also got so excited like us too! ^^V

Long Long Long Firework!

May this year 2010 will be happier than last year! :D
Till the end of 2010 hooray~

Grandma are you ready? >.<>

Mummy stop washing, come and see the firework!

Koko also got so excited too ^^




Boom Boom Pow~

Bing Bing Pow~

Kaboom Kaboom Pao~

Yeap, we are ready to eat!

Below are some dishes my parent cook that night:

Relatives came to our house too!

My brother and mummy =.=
My borther changed his pose already
New Style I think, that is
"don't look at the camera"

Sad :( Guess you all know what happened
My pretty white hush puppies clothes got stained T.T
Rude Vicky :( Sad~

Night time when almost reaches 12am

We all got prepared, look at the hanging clock

Tic Toc Tic Toc



Best Wishes to you from my cousin Albert :D

Vicky wish for a better 2010!

In everything!

My New Hush Puppies Pejamas

初一 wearing :D

New shoe too >.<>
I feel so new

Ngam Ngam 14/2/2010 is Sunday
So I went to church that morning
With my 初一wearing ^^"

Happy Vicky :D

Of course, for Foo Chow us
We will never forget to eat 溲面

See See? Me and brother look alike not?

Kuih Mo Mo homemade from Mom :)

So we got tired in a short time
Coz we slept late the night before

Relatives 拜年!

Me and Elder sister ^^

I found this big apple in my elder sister's house
As Big as my round face~

Night time ...

Yeap, like other couples
Me and Kew Kew went for a walk

Bear Bear Flower!!! Who don't like it?!

A gift for both of us from me :)

After the walk, perhaps a Candle Light Dinner?


The picture isn't what you think of...


My house got no electric ki ... =.=


A very kiddo side of my daddy =.=
Now don't blame me for being too childish ok?
Daddy's fault. *blame blame blame

Cute puppy at my relative's house

Found interesting stuff too

Nice :) Peanut fillings~

See the middle one? That's the dota kaki

Nice cakes!

This is the outside view of my elder sister's house
Nice right?

Finally found the Muruku at my grandma's house!
Yaya ^^ Am so happy for it :D

This is at my Aunt's house
Look like bicycle, look like Scooter
Look like Motorbike

Nah, I made that up myself

Me and Elder sister

Me and Koko

Me and Daddy
Just when I uploading this picture
I found out that my daddy got wrinkles already
It reviews of how old is him
It reviews that I have to work harder
To earn more money, so that he and my mother won't
have to work and enjoy the rest of their life.

Well, I failed them for once now..
Failed one of my subject :(
Will try my best to the max daddy and mummy

Me and Mummy

Got a bit surprise when my sister made this face
Lol, new style too wei~

Aww, mummy so shy >.<>

Here comes the pianist, graduated from Grade 8 Mai Pray Pray

So, from here... Do we look alike? o.O Yes no?

That night went to watch the
72 tenants of prosperity
Nice, suitable for New Year time :)

Supper after movie O.O

Ok, I know they are Faticious T.T


I wore skirt! :d kinda rare for me to wear skirt
Imma rude girl :/

Went to RH Hotel to eat breakfast with Clifford and his family

Ok, this honey star really really
Sweet and Nice!!!! XD
I hope I can have this for my breakfast everyday ^^
Laksa? o.O

After that went to Hush Puppies

Haha, cute ^^
Not me, I mean the cute girl beside me k.

Chai Yiiun Wou~ All I can say is Wou~

Cute Freda!

She got very big big eye! O.O

She hates my kissing muakz :( Sad~

Me and Celine ^^
We both have the almost same clothing that day

Yvonne and Me~
She's so slim that I envy her so much
When she wears Jean :D

Angela and Me! Ok
We wore exactly the same thing that day
Same colour matching too
White bottom
She's Short pant, I'm white skirt

Horrible thing happened that day...
The insect below...

got into my cousin's ear O.O

I was like wou wou wou
That must be really hurt! T.T
My brother said he screamed like got burnt
He scratched like cat got angry
He crawled like turtle got scared and wanna run..

Luckily the doctor managed to get the insect out :)

Went to wedding lunch of one of my cousin

Ok, too bored while waiting for the ceremony to start :X

My cute grandma, I wonder what was she thinking :/

And the ceremony started :)

No, I didn't drink it
But ever tasted it once when my dad gave me a try
So bitter :S bluek~

My daddy loves singing!
So do me too.
So don't blame my poor singing
Daddy's fault.

Yam Paste Yay!

After that went to visit Kew's friend

Night time got steamboat with Hush Puppies gang ^^

Had a great night that time ^^


Guess what? I found new thing again!
The 鱿鱼条that we used to eat one,
can put into microwave one de ler!
Then when u bite it, it's so crunchy till ...


Me and Yiik Chiong

Lol! Funny face la him :)

Me and Qiqi :D

Me and the Church gang went to Korean Grilled Meat Res

This is my kimchi Udon mee >.<>
Everywhere Kimchi Kimchi

The udon mee really big O.O

Lol, had a great time with them anyway :)

Went to watch Percy Jackson and the lighning thief
Nice movie!


Me and my family went to Elder sister's place in Selangau
Not selangor.

One hour from Sibu

In the car can whoring XD
Koko really like to camwhore too. =.=
Like brother like sister
Like sister like brother? o.O

This is the coolest picture ever taken on Grandma
She's my idol now.

On the way.

Very big and long buddhist temple.

Act emo.

Elder sister cooked so many delicious food! :d

We all ate happily, had a talk with
亲家母 too :)

Lol, cute baby but she don't really like to smile :/
Her mouth always showing the "M"

Start working on the 初五's afternoon

More pictures with the moment hanging out with HP gang

Pressie prepared for my brother's birthday!
In advance.

Celine =.=

Yea, see kimchi noodle?
See Manna Cafe of Parkson, Sibu.

Tri color milk tea!

Night time with family at Cafe Cafe

See that? She really likes to pose that way
Haha ^^

Yeap, we gave a surprise to my brother!

Blew Candle

Cut cake!

Happy 22nd birthday to you my beloved brother Eric :)

Well well this is all the pictures that I took during CNY
Really sorry for the late post :/

Going to Brunei this coming saturday
For the next few months,
all the places and things you see in my blog

Will be in Brunei.

Please be aware of my next post k? :)


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